Friday, December 30, 2005

To check or not to check, that is the question?

How do you know when your 3 year old is being a normal 3 year old, or if he needs his sugar checked? I mean, how unfair is it that when he shows any different emotion than normal, I'm sticking his finger? If he's fussy, I check. If he's drowsy, I check. If he's bouncing off the wall, I check. Today I checked because when he was taking a nap, he was sweaty. (He was 75 at 2 in the afternoon though, so I'm glad I checked). Still, I worry that eventually he'll just stop expressing emotion all together, because when he does his psycho mom brings out the lancet and sticks his finger.

On another note, Holden finished the written part of driver's ed. today and passed it. He starts the driving part tomorrow. I'm really not ready for this.


Megan said...

This is a tough situation. I never really thought of it. Luckily, pretty soon your son will be able to tell you when he feels low, and you will stop needing to test every time he is emotional. Also, your son views fingersticks as part of life, not a punishment, and that is good.

GOod luck.

SUPERMOM said...

I came across your blog tonight and was reading all your heart felt posts. I have a daughter who is now 9 and was 5 at diagnosis. I wanted to first tell you that we were not real "sold" on the pump at first but our doctor at that time was. We move around alot so it took 2 years to finally get her on one. It is great. It doesn't "solve" everything. But it makes managing this a whole lot better. On he subject of checking. I always have felt that way. But more often than not I found the sugars did play a role in the emotions. Use your mother's instinct. Every time i questioned myself and didn't check I found I should have. Weigh the situation and if he is acting out of character for the moment it doesn't hurt to check. Just don't make it a "your being difficult ome here and let me check you, sort of thing. But a "you know what I think it's time for a sugar check honey." It is hard to always judge BUT better to check and have him be fine than to not check. Like I said I questioned my own instincts at times and 10 mins later she would crash. Then I would be beating myself up about not checking. It is a tough situation. But when he is older some of it gets easier as he will be able to recognize the signs. Sometimes they don't get symptoms though so dont always rely on that. Our doctor tells us, it is not an exact science. There are so many factors to this whole thing. Learn all you can and use your instincts. I have always felt God gave them to us mothers for a reason right! It is hard not to let it consume you, especially in the beginning. Learning everything you can and learning how his body works with it all is the best use of your time. I can tell now how some foods react with my daughter and how exercise will affect her etc. It makes managing her numbers better. Once you get it all figured out and learned, there will still be bumps and unexpected changes but you will learn to take it in stride. I am not saying it will ever be easy but it will become part of life and you will not be consummed as much. There is just so much to learn in the begining. Don't think of it as being consumed. think of it as learning all you can and being informed. Best wishes for the New Year!

Donna said...

Even though Hannah is now 7 and can usually detect extreme highs and lows, I still check her sugar when she is acting out of normal for her (and have learned to check her before I put her in time out for really acting up - sometimes she is acting up - but sometimes it is because her sugar is out of whack). I have just learned it is better safe than sorry.

She now will even recheck if she doesn't think what she got is right. The other day she checked at lunchtime and it was 450 - she said she didn't feel bad and that couldn't be right. It was right and then I figured out I had neglected to bolus her breakfast. We are human!

I am enjoying reading these blogs and glad I hooked up with them.

Mom from Greensboro

Shannon said...

I used to check Brendon for all the reasons you do when he was Riley's age.
I still check him when I think his moods are too extreme.

His nurse educator told me it's better to check him too often than not often enough.

ladybat said...

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But you have to try to accept it and to do your best not to make your little son feel sad about himself.

I think a positive attitude here helps him most....
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