Friday, February 10, 2006


It is no secret that I am a huge Duke basketball fan. I have been a fan ever since I was in high school and Grant Hill was a Freshman. Grant Hill is my all-time favorite Duke player. But, have you seen J.J. Redick ? He's just phenomenal. Yet, he and Gonzaga's Adam Morrison are tied (last I checked) at averaging 28.4 point per game. I'm a little torn here. I'm a Duke fan and while I feel I should "stay true to my blue", Morrison has Type I diabetes. So, I think he' s probably had to work a little harder to get where he is. If I didn't have a child with D, this probably wouldn't even be an issue for me. I'd say give the MVP to Redick. Holden and I were discussing it this morning. He thinks Redick should win (Redick is his favorite player). My head says Redick should win because I believe he is a better all around player than Morrison. But, my heart says give it to Morrison, because well, he and my son have something in common. Should his diabetes even be considered when determining the best player and is this fair to Redick? I think it isn't fair to either one of them. Maybe I'll pull for Redick, but not be upset if Morrison gets it. Maybe they could both get it? I guess that wouldn't be fair either.

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Kelsey said...

Hey, I posted about Adam Morrison a couple weeks ago and didn't get any comments either! The OC must not be big basketball fans :)

I am though! I'm from the west coast and my college used to play Gonzaga, so I'm partial to Adam in the Morrison vs. Reddick debate. I'm really impressed that a type 1 diabetic can play at that intensity and manage his disease so well.