Thursday, April 13, 2006

World toilet day

This is to add to my previous post. My birthday is also know in some places as World Toilet Day. What an honor.

World Toilet Organization

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The World Toilet Organization is an organization dedicated to issues involving toilets and sanitation. It is based in Singapore and, as of 2004, includes toilet associations from 17 countries around the world, from Russia to the United States to Australia to Japan [1].

Every year, the World Toilet Organization sponsors the World Toilet Summit. This has been held in various places around the world:
2001 - Singapore
2002 - Seoul, South Korea
2003 - Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
2004 - Beijing, People's Republic of China
2005 - Belfast, Ireland

The World Toilet Organization promotes the celebration of World Toilet Day on November 19 of every year. [2] [3][4]. It is also setting up the world's very first Toilet College in Singapore. The first classes will begin in October 2005 and will be held at the Republic Polytechnic. [5]

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Um, congratulations (I think...)!