Thursday, May 11, 2006


Thank you to all who contacted your Senators regarding S.1955. It looks like it worked!

Please go to Sandra's blog for more info.

And to copy Sandra's sentiments, THANK GOD!!!


bingsy said... - for those that want to see how their senator voted. In my search for this website I found out that this act also took away optometric benefits - which the association for the blind was fighting as well. Fundamentally flawed indeed! Let me know if there are further threats. Something tells me this isn't the end of this. I did hear back from the other senator I wrote. Kay Bailey is generally really responsive, and she did touch on some of the points I made. I was a bit disappointed to see she voted yea, but not really suprised at all.

Penny said...

Thank you for the link, Chrissy.

Both of my Senators voted "yea" which is not a surprise to me. I got a nice long letter from Burr touting why the bill was so great.