Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Just some quick updates since I'm still typing with one hand.

Riley had an endo appointment on June 30th. His A1C was 7.8 (whoo hoo!!). This is down from 8.1 and is a very good A1C for his age. He had lost 1/2 pound since his last visit. The endo wasn't too concerned, since he's on track to gain his 5 pounds a year that most kids his age gain. He has to have some labs drawn. We haven't done them yet because they have to be fasting. Everytime we make arrangements to go he ends up going low at night, so he has to eat, therefore he's no longer fasting. We'll get them done. She's checking his lipids, his thyroid, and the dreaded celiac disease. Dr. M doesn't think he has any problems with any of these. She's just doing it for screening purposes. Even so, I'm nervous about getting the results. Celiac is something that I've had in the back of my mind since Riley's diagnosis. I cried the other day when I read that Danielle had been diagnosed with it. These kids have enough restrictions without Celiacs thrown in too.

I had my follow up with the Dr. on Monday. My wrist is healing, but is still in a splint for another 2 weeks. So, I still can't use my left arm for a while. They took my other splint off and my hand is frozen in an awful position. When I'm finally out of my splint, I'll need 4-8 weeks of physical therapy. But, the Dr. assures me I'll be able to go back to work while doing therapy. I'm starting to run out of time off from my job. The pain is still getting better every day. I hurt a lot Monday and yesterday because the new splint kind of put my arm in a different position, but it's doing better this morning.

My mom took me to my appointment Monday and Riley and Holden went too. We had been there (an hour away) all day because Holden had a Dr's appointment that morning and my appointment wasn't until 3:00. I went into the room with the Dr. and everything seemed fine. But, when I came back out into the waiting room, I took one look at Riley and I knew something was wrong. He looked like he felt horrible. We went and bought a thermometer. His temp. was 103. He was complaining of a sore throat. His pediatrician is in the same city, so we headed there. They did a strep test which thankfully was negative. We were told he had a virus and to give him Ibuprofen or Tylenol and keep him well hydrated.

This is Riley's first illness since D. And I think it's about over. He's been temperature free for 12 hours now and his sugars are looking like they are back to normal. Because of his virus, he's been running in the 300s at times. We've been testing and correcting every 2 hours. We decided to try it that way instead of increasing the basals. Now, I need to clear all the ketones out of his system. He did well with them up until last night. They were moderate. It's hard to make a 4 year old drink when he doesn't want to, but Riley's done pretty well with it all.

This bought with illness brings back memories of his last one. It was almost exactly a year ago. I know this because it happened during one of Holden's allstar games. He spiked a temp up to 103 all of a sudden. Holden's allstar games begin again today. I have vivid memories of his last illness because it happened 3 months prior to his diagnosis. I've always suspected that it was the virus that did in his beta cells.

Now, if only this virus would fix them again. If only...


Nicole P said...

Aw, I hope Riley feels better soon. Sounds like you guys have been swamped.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I too hope he feels better soon!

Thank you for so much typing with that one good hand! That was a lot of work!

We do appreciate the update, and look forward to seeing you back whenever the mood strikes and the hand cooperates.