Monday, April 30, 2007


A 17 year old boy at Holden's high school was killed in a car accident on Friday. I can't get it out of my mind.

I didn't know the boy very well, but have spoken with his parents before. Holden was not friends with him. But, he goes to a small private school. All the kids there know each other.

I am just so sad for his family and his friends. Holden said it was a rough day at school today and that most of the kids couldn't take it and left early.

I can't imagine what his parents must be feeling. And, kids that age think they are invincible. This is a harsh wake up call for them.

There was a girl in the car with him that sustained some minor injuries. He was killed instantly.

When I found out about the accident on Saturday, Holden was at work. As soon as I could I went to see him. I just felt the need to lay eyes on him and give him a hug.

So, if you would, please keep this boy's family in your thoughts and prayers. And, hug your kids a little tighter.


Jen said...

Penny, I can really feel for Holden right now. Twice I've lost classmates from a small private school. It doesn't get any easier, although things do slowly start to return to normal. I'll be praying for the family and everyone involved.

Penny said...

Thank you Jen.