Thursday, September 06, 2007

Some going-ons

Just some going-ons:

** Riley's sugars have evened out a bit at school. He is not going low as much. His lows are starting to show a pattern, so I decreased some basals last night to see if that will do the trick.

** Holden is not bolusing Riley anymore. His teacher called me at snack time yesterday and said, "I'm doing it on my own today." She then said, "OK, Riley's sugar is 310 (yeah, I know, I'm working on it) and he ate 15 g of carbs. It says to give him 1.2 units of insulin and he has .05 units of insulin on board." I was pretty impressed. I just love this woman. Have I mentioned that?

** Holden is a little relieved to not have to get out of class anymore. (See, I said he was a good kid.) "Mom, Mrs. M goes over Pre-Calculus so fast that I miss too much stuff when I leave to give Riley his insulin." Now, he's not missing it anymore.

** Riley told me a secret yesterday about a kid in his class. Apparently, A, his reported best friend in his class, has a girlfriend. When I asked Riley if he has a girlfriend he smiled and said, "No, Mom." But, apparently there is a girl in his class who he thinks is pretty. He doesn't know her name, but "She has brown hair like me."

** When I called my mom yesterday afternoon to see what Riley's sugar was when he got home from school, she said she hadn't checked it yet because Holden was just pulling into the driveway. Why was he late? A kid pulled out in the parking lot at school and ran into Holden's car. Holden and Riley were both in the car and are fine. But, Holden's front bumper is not. There is a lot of paint scraped off of it. Since it was the other kid's fault, he will be paying for the repairs. Evidently, he hit him kind of hard because Holden said the other kid's bumper fell off.

** Riley has been taking his lunch to school so far. He started bugging me a couple of days ago to let him start ordering food from the cafeteria. So, I have a meeting with the lunch lady ("in lunch lady land"-anyone know that song?) tomorrow to see if I can figure out some carb counts.

** Riley starts soccer practice on Tuesday. Remember last year when he started soccer? On the first day I found out his coach was a diabetes educator. I was so happy. Well, this year it's even better. His coaches are a mom and dad to a kid who has D. Isn't that great? Yeah, it's me and Michael. I don't know how we get talked into these things. I know nothing about soccer. Michael loves soccer though. I told him he can do the coaching and I'll just try to make sure no one gets hurt and that they all get about the same amount of playing time.

** I have decided to get the whole school involved in my walk this year. (shameless plug coming: Walk of Hope is October 6. Please see the link in my sidebar if you would like to donate.) I will be typing out a letter that will go out in the kid's book bags. I'm nervous about it. I want to educate, but I don't want to overwhelm. I want people to know what Riley does every day and why it is so important to find a cure , but I don't want their sympathy.

** Riley's teacher just called about his morning snack. His sugar was 260 this morning. Here's my problem. He's usually high at snack , but if he gets a correction he goes too low by lunch. I've increased his insulin sensitivity a lot already. Do you think I should increase it more? He seems to only go low at lunch if he gets a correction. So that's probably the problem, right?

** I am tired of being a pancreas.


Jen said...

Glad to hear Riley's teacher is stepping up and taking some resonsibility. I hope his BGs continue to improve!

Jillian said...


Thanks so much for reassuring me about the waterproof-ness (is that even a word?). It is really one of the biggest selling points for me, because we have a pool. I'm glad to know that Riley has done well with his Animas. I hope his numbers continue to improve. I'm sure that he enjoys school even though he is dealing with this D thing. His teacher sounds amazing!

Have a great weekend!