Thursday, December 13, 2007

Maybe some education is in order

While we were eating supper last night I told Riley to tell his dad what he'd had for snack that afternoon. A kid in his class had a birthday party.

"I had a cupcake and cheese doodles and ice cream, chocolate ice cream." (55g of carbs, more like a meal if you ask me)

"Was it sugar-free ice cream?" Holden asked with a smirk on his face. He was referring to the famous
sugar-free ice cream incident from last week.

"No, smarty it wasn't sugar-free. It was regular old chocolate ice cream and he even got insulin for it this time."

I looked at Riley. He had a look of utter horror on his face.

"It wasn't sugar-free? Oh no."

"What's wrong?"

"You know I can't have sugar, Mama. Am I going to be OK? "

Agh. Here I am blasting other people for not knowing and my own son doesn't even know that he doesn't have to or need to eat things that are sugar-free.

I think dingbat RN got to him last week and filled his head full of nonsense. Either that or I've fallen down on my job.

I want to believe the former but I really think it's the later.


Jillian said...

Poor thing, I probably would have been confused at his age too. It's so hard to explain to people that yes I can have sugar, but sometimes I prefer to keep it to a minimum and cut corners where possible. Plus he's only 5 and with that crazy nurse spewing garbage to confuse him. Oy!

Shannon said...

What do some parents have against fruit? Ugh with the cheese doodles....

It's great that you keep the dialogue open so that what he learns off the "street" can be corrected.

Donna said...

If Riley knew that crazy woman was a nurse, he probably would have thought she knew what she was talking about. We should be able to expect that. But not in this case, huh? That had to be very confusing for him. Why would a nurse say something incorrect about his diabetes? Heck, it's confusing for me why she would do this. I hope he doesn't have to deal with her again.

Don't worry; I think you do a great job explaining things to him & he understands when you explain it. Hopefully, this incident will blow over quickly & he won't be bothered with those thoughts she put in his head anymore. Poor thing!

BetterCell said...

......Another example of Healthcare personnel not being able to distinguish between T1DM and IRD(aka Type 2 Diabetes).
While I agree with Shannon, that fruit would be a better alternative as far as nutrition is concerned, it should not create "guilt or wrong-doing" to once in awhile indulge into foods that simply "taste good" albeit lacking in nutritional value so long as it is covered correctly as a carb. with insulin.