Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Just Imagine

It was Riley's bedtime. He was getting ready to brush his teeth. I had fixed a bowl of ice cream to eat after he went to bed. He asked for a bite of ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough; it was delicious). Anyway, I gave him a small bite and his eyes lit up.

"Yummmmm!! That is so good!! Wouldn't it be great if I didn't have diabetes and I could eat all of that I want?"

"Yes, it would, " I said as I held back my tears.

Then he smiled, made a sweeping hand gesture, and said, "Just imagine. If I didn't have diabetes then I could go out and play and run all I wanted and never have to worry about my sugar going low."

Blinking back my tears I said, "That would be great wouldn't it?"


Michael walked into the room and asked what would be great. Riley repeated what he had just said. The look on Michael's face said it all.

I quickly got up and went into the bathroom just before the tears spilled over onto my cheeks. I sat in there a few minutes and composed myself before coming out and tucking him into bed.

I hope and pray every day for that day when he can run and run and run and not go low.

Just imagine.....


Shannon said...

No matter how care free we try to make life for our kids, there is still so much out of our control.

Cookie dough ice cream was a good lift-me-up though :)

Penny said...


Riley doesn't do much complaining about diabetes. (except when it's time for a site change). So, this gave me insight into what bothers him about it.

Even then, he didn't really complain. He just stated how nice it would be if he didn't have D to worry about and then brushed his teeth and went to bed.

But, still, the words stung.

Shannon said...

Oh I was referring to his comment about lows interfering with play. I was just relating to the post and how we parents try so hard and yet pesky lows ruin a good time.

Heather said...

I hope he can too.

k2 said...

Penny - Riley's great and so are his parents!

Donna said...

Penny - I'm with Shannon. The cookie dough ice cream had to lift his spirits. I wish the ice cream could have lifted your spirits, too. Hang in there. :)