Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prom and Birthday Pictures

Holden had his prom a few weeks ago and I never posted any pictures. The theme was "Red Carpet Romance". All the kids walked up the red carpet and had their names announced while a valet (some of the dads) parked the car for them.

Holden and his date, Brittaney. They have been dating for 2 years now.

Holden and me.

Riley got two birthday parties. The first one was on Mother's Day. Then, he had a party at school on his birthday.

That night we went to eat at a Japanese Steakhouse. Riley probably averages eating around 170 carbs in a whole day. Well, Riley's meal was about 70 carbs. Then, because it was his birthday they sang happy birthday to him and brought him a muffin roughly the size of his head.

I thought he'd eat a few bites, but he ate the whole muffin which I estimated at 70 carbs. So, he had 140 carbs at one meal. He got 4 units of insulin. That is the most he has ever gotten at one time. His sugars did surprisingly well.

I was dying with each bite of muffin, but the grin on his face made it all worth it.

Diabetes doesn't keep Riley from doing anything. That includes being a goofball.


George said...

Great pictures. thanks for sharing.
I am glad Riley's BG didn't act up on his big day.

Shannon said...

I love the pictures! Holden and his girl definitely won't be embarassed by their prom pictures 20 yrs from now. They look great.

I hear you on the carb load. Whenever we have one of those "special" days where there are tons of carb laden food, I picture the glucose rising the way the mercury does on a thermometer. And then I breath a sigh of relief because the running around keeps it from rising so high.

Riley is the cutest.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome pictures!

Vivian said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing. You must be very proud of your boys. Happy belated birthday to Riley, I am glad he had a wonderful time and that diabetes stayed in it's place.

Carey said...

Great pictures!

Kerri. said...

These pictures are wonderful! :)

Colleen said...

What great looking young men!

Colleen said...

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Donna said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love seeing pictures of everyone's families.

Holden & his girlfriend looked great!