Friday, August 08, 2008


Riley's overheard prayer:

"Dear God, Grandaddy is a good grandaddy. Thank you for making him my grandaddy. But, he has a sore throat and you are the only one who can heal it. And, please make it so all the children with diabetes will be cured one day."


Cara said...

Wow. The faith of little children is beautiful. I've tried not to loose that child-like faith, but sometimes it's so hard.

Little Patch of Heaven said...

Amen - I will be praying that Grandpa gets better quickly.

Bob Hawkinson said...

How sweet and loving....what a great kid....Best wishes for Grandpa....Cheers, Bob

Lisa said...

So sweet!

k2 said...

So...can I give your boy a big fat hug?! What a great kid!
Hope Grandpa's throat is feeling better!