Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Updates

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd do a little mini update:

  • Holden has been counting down his senior year by Mondays. He has 4 Mondays left and then he will no longer be a high school senior, but a college freshman. Some days I think I'm ready for it and others I don't.

  • Riley is on another school trip today. He's going to see another play. School trips are stressful for me. For those of you with kids with D you know why.

  • I've been having a hard time at work lately. I have a disgruntled parent. She's one of those people that are unhappy no matter what. Apparently, she's always given the school nurse a hard time, but for some reason is being even worse with me. I don't want to go into details, but it makes for a very stressful work day.

  • We took a mini family vacation last week to an indoor water park. I promise to post about it soon and include some pictures.

  • Riley's sugars over the last couple of weeks have been great for the most part. But, for the past few nights he's run high all night and wakes up with a great sugar. One thing about having a kid with D you always know when they are growing. Riley runs high at nights when he hits a growth spurt.

  • I had one of the worst if not the worst headache I've ever had last night. It started yesterday morning and kept building until my head was pounding and I thought at one point it might literally explode. Ibuprofen, Darvocet, and ice packs did nothing to dull it. I finally drifted off to sleep last night and when I woke up it was gone. But, now I'm getting another dull ache in my head. I'm hoping the Ibuprofen I took will head it off before it's gets much worse.

  • I just re-read my first update and started to cry. I guess I'm not ready.

  • The pollen here is CRAZY. It's always bad, but this year the trees have gone crazy with their reproduction. I think this coupled with the stress at work created my super headache last night. I'm trying to get Riley through pollen season without any real asthma problems. So far, so good.

  • At some point a few nights ago Riley screamed that he hated diabetes. (He couldn't have a snack until his sugar came down some. He was in the 300s). All I could do was hug him and let him know that I hated diabetes too. I also whispered in his ear that if I could take his diabetes away and give it to me I would.

  • Last, but not least here are some prom pictures. I did OK at prom. I went to take pictures and Michael had to almost literally drag me out the door to get me to leave. The tears started before we ever got out of the parking lot. Man, I'm going to miss that boy next year.

Holden and Brittaney (as of Thursday they will have been dating for 3 years)

My baby

Me and my baby


:) Tracie said...

Great pictures Penny! A handsome young man you have there.

We love our nurse at school and even more so our health tech.. I get very protective when people seem to mess with them, they are the ones who deal with the children and things that go on that the parents aren't even aware of. It's very sad to me that some people will not appreciate that they do the best they are allowed to do...and in our case, even more than they should(which makes us love them even more). So just know that even though there are parents that annoy.....there are those out there that love you much more!

Amy said...

I can't imagine what I'll feel like when our first one gets ready to leave- I don't know how I can ever be ready for that!!! What a handsome guy!
Pollen here has been bad, too! I thought everyone had caught a cold, but I think it's just allergies! Yuck!

Hannah said...

I have a feeling that I could post this exact same thing in 8 years. We were just diagnosed in December. I wish you luck through the next few months!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great to hear from you Penny. Those pictures are awesome. Looks and sounds like a real stand-up kind of guy.

No Sugar Needed said...

Beautiful pictures (am I allowed to say that when I'm including the guy? LOL)

Yes I completely know how you feel about field trips with D - ugh -

Great update - look forward to hearing about your mini-vaca

Shamae said...

Cute pics. Your boy is very handsome!

Interesting about Riley's numbers being high during the night during growth spurts. I wonder if that is what is up with Sydney. For like 2 weeks she was running really high in the night and waking up a little high. So we adjusted her basal and now she is so low (2 nights ago she was 43 at 3 a.m.) so I don't know what is going on. Drives this mamma crazy. :D