Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Quicky Update

It seems I always promise a real post, yet always do little bullets. One day, I'll write a real, heart-felt post about diabetes. But, not today.

*** I'll start with diabetes things: ummmmmmm, not much to report. His last A1C was 7.3. I'm happy with that. But, if things continue like they've been lately it should be even lower next time. But, we all know that he could start running high 24/7 and that "great" A1C will be out the window. For the most part diabetes has been behaving itself as much as it can. Riley was playing soccer and baseball at the same time and was on a temp basal quite a bit because of it, but his sugars did well. Right now he's just playing baseball.

*** Speaking of baseball... It was supposed to end this week. But, he made Allstars. While I'm proud of him for making it, I'm not happy that he has practice every. single. day (other than Wednesdays and Sundays). I was looking forward to relaxing on my one month off (July), but it appears that will not be happening. He is playing in a tournament next weekend. Then the Allstar tournament is July 5-11. If they do well it may last longer than that. Still, Riley is excited about it. He didn't think he was going to make it and was a little upset. The smile on his face when they called out his name was priceless.

*** My last day of work for the summer is June 30th and it can't come quick enough. I'm off today and loving it. Even though I'll be busy the whole month of July I'm looking forward to not having to go into work every day.

*** We are planning a trip to New York City in July. We were planning on leaving on July 12th, but because of Allstars I'm looking at going the last week in July instead. I am very excited. None of us have ever been to New York. It's going to be a bit expensive, but it will be worth it. I figured since Holden is getting married next year, this will be our last chance to have a real family vacation with just the four of us. Holden has always wanted to visit New York, so that's what we are doing. If any of you have any tips or suggestions let me know. We are driving up and planning to spend 3 or 4 nights in Manhattan. I plan to use the subway for transportation once we get there. I have a lot of planning to do between now and then. I want to kind of know what we're going to do every day, so we're not just wandering all over the city. Again, any advice on what to do while we're there and where to eat would be greatly appreciated.

*** In addition to going to New York we will be going to Myrtle Beach in July also. We are going on a church mission trip. We've gone several years, but were unable to go last year because my mom was so sick. We've always spent 3 nights before and this year we will be spending 5. I'm looking forward to it. We do that as a family too. And, my future daughter-in-law is going too. We have fun helping others and have some down time in the pool too. And, one day we visit a water park. So, it's also kind of a little vacation.

*** Not enough things to do in July? How about we throw in swimming lessons for Riley? That's right, the one week we don't have vacation, a mission trip, or baseball, Riley will be taking swimming lessons. I wasn't going to sign him up because it was being done the week we were going to New York. Since that has changed I figured I'd sign him up. I'm not doing it because I'm a glutton for punishment and want to spend my entire time off shuttling him from here to there. I'm doing it because we live around water and he loves getting in it. It's important to me that he knows how to swim. Holden took swimming lessons pretty much every year for several years when he was younger. He's not a great swimmer, but he knows enough to keep from drowning. Riley took lessons last year, but still has a lot to learn.

*** My mom is STILL sick. June 20th will be exactly a year since her first visit to the ER. And, to be honest, we're not really any closer to knowing what's wrong with her than we were then. We have been around and around in circles. She's seen every doctor that has been suggested to her and some who haven't. And, they always send her on to someone else, because they can't figure out what going on with her. She has an appointment with a GI doctor next week as well as a urologist. Even after all this time, I always hope that we'll walk in and they'll say: "I know what's wrong with you." But, it hasn't happened yet. I have to believe that it will one day soon. At least she's not bad all the time. She never has a great day. But, she has good days and bad days. I never know how she's going to be from one day to the next.

*** Michael is off for the summer. He is still doing pool work on the side. Currently he and Riley are in Holden's room playing video games together.

*** Holden is home for the summer. He is working a few days a week. He also goes back to his apartment and spends a night here and there. It's nice having him home again. We watched The Book of Eli together last night. He has already seen it, but wanted me to see it with him. It was a good movie. I really liked it, but can see why it wouldn't be for everybody.

I guess that's it. Isn't it enough? Really, when I get time between games, vacations, and swimming lessons I will write a real post. I missed out on diabetes blog week. I plan on doing the posts at a later date. There are some good suggestion given on what to talk about. I'm overdue for a sappy, emotional diabetes post anyway.


Meri said...

I've always wanted to go to New York, make sure you blog about it...I need tips for my someday trip.

I'm sorry about your mother. I hope there is an answer soon. So frustrating!

Sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned! So jealous!

Karen said...

I think you'll enjoy seeing NYC - there is an energy there that you just don't find anywhere else.

And I'm sorry you missed Diabetes Blog Week - but I'm glad you're still planning on doing the posts. I look forward to seeing what you have to say about the topics. :)

:) Tracie said...

Don't forget to breathe in the next month!

Have a great time in New York!

Future daughter-in-law eh? Nice! Enjoy that boy while he's home!

Keep your chin up about mom. Hopefully something will be revealed so healing can start.

Type 1 mother said...

We have been taking our 15 yr-old son to NYC for 15 years. I suggest you go to Top of the Rock for the views of the city (much better than the Empire State Building view and no long lines) Check out Times Square at night, when the lights are on. If it is hot, take a one hour harbor tour from South St. Seaport. Or take a 75 minute harbor tour from the Circle Line headquarters on the West Side. Either way you'll get great views of the Statue of Liberty. But if you don't want to invest that kind of time or money, the Staten Island Ferry is free and you get great views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. If it is really hot, you should go to the American Museum of Natural History. True, it is sort of an "old-fashioned" museum with stuffed animal dioramas and few buttons to push, but the mineral exhibits, the bones&fossil exhibits and the human culture exhibits are great not to mention the space show. A nice Mexican restaurant behind the museum is Cafe Frida. There are other restaurants in this area, including Isabella's. Metropolitan Museum of Art is a great place if your kids will like looking at arms and armor or musical instruments. I like the period rooms, too, but I know it's hard to get kids to an art museum.
Hecksher Playground at the southwest end of Central Park has a water feature playground (or at least it used to)
The subway is a great way to get around. To use is most effectively, study their website: Not all trains run all of the time and some are express. This isn't always clear from subway maps printed in guidebooks. Get yourself a subway map when you get to New York and you'll figure it all out. Three of us always use one metro card passing it among us as we go through the turnstile. We usually start off with $20.00 on the card and add money (which you can do at almost any station) as necessary. On the weekends, subway routes are often altered because of construction. The mta website will have that information. Also there will be signs in the stations. Consider also using the bus, so you have a view of things above the ground. The bus that goes on 5th Ave is a good one for sightseeing by public bus.
One restaurant we like is the Delta Grill at 48th St. and Ninth Ave., a short walk from the theater district and Times Square. For other restaurants, get a Zagat's guide, which has indexes by location and cuisine.
Most of all, Have fun!! I know you will.

Bernard said...

Sounds like your life's as busy as ours, though I'm not doing the sports with my diabetes. It sounds like you've figured out an effective way for Riley to do sports and keep a reasonable BG, that's not easy stuff. Have a great summer.