Friday, April 09, 2010

Quicky Updates

I don't mean to stay away for so long. I really don't. So, for now, here are some quick updates on life.

** Had my surgery (hysterectomy, kept one ovary) on March 29th. Everything went well. I spent one night in the hospital. I begged the doc to let me go home the night after surgery, but he wouldn't let me. He said there was too much of a risk of bleeding. But, he did take away my pain pump and catheter so I could move around more. So, I came home first thing the next morning and have done well. Probably have done too much on some days. My belly lets me know when I've done too much because it swells. As far as the pain goes, it has not been anywhere near the pain I was in before surgery. Only having to take Ibuprofen for the pain. Have my post-op appointment on Monday and plan to return to work on Tuesday. ( In addition, the two stray kittens (Savannah and Samantha) we got in December had their hysterectomy this week. We've all been lounging around together. Actually, we haven't. They started jumping up on the couch and chasing each other the night after surgery. They took it a little better than I did.)

** My mom is still not doing well. We still do not have any answers as to what is going on with her. She has good and bad days. She has been sick for 10 months now. I've lost count of how many doctors she has seen or how many times she's been in the hospital. So, if you don't mind when you say your prayers include a quick one for my mom.

** Holden is doing well. In a few short weeks his first year of college will be done. I can't believe it. It has flown by. You know, I thought I would die when he left for college, but I didn't. It was rough for a while, but it was also nice to see him out on his own and to know that I didn't do such a bad job raising him after all. He still comes home pretty much every weekend. He will be home tonight. He is going to work first and then he'll come home. He texts me almost every day. I am so proud of the young man he has become.

** Michael and I are still saving up a down payment for a house. It's not easy. We have both been on spring break this week and he's worked most of it putting up and working on pools. I hate that he has to do it. But, it's good money. And, I want a house that we can call our own. Also, since my last post we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything special. We went out to eat at a local restaurant that night and the following Saturday we went and looked at houses and went out to eat again. (Also, Michael had a birthday yesterday. Happy birthday Michael Alexander. I love you!!!)

** Riley is playing soccer and baseball. Soccer practice started a few weeks before baseball did. Baseball games start a couple of weeks before soccer ends. It makes for busy weeks. He had baseball practice on Monday and soccer practice last night. His first soccer game is Saturday at 11:30 and he has baseball practice that morning at 9:00. It seems like a lot, but he loves it and doesn't want to give up either one. I am glad he is able to play both.


Now, let's talk diabetes. That's what this blog is supposed to be about anyway.

** A few days after my last post Riley's pump starting unpriming itself. It had done it before but not enough to warrant a new pump (according to Animas). This time they said to send it back. We got another Animas 2020 while we waited for the PING. It didn't take long before the paperwork was straight and he had his new pump. And, it didn't cost us as much out of pocket as I thought it would. To sum things up we love, love, love it. The remote is fabulous!! He can be up to 10 feet away from me and I can bolus him. He got it in Duke blue. (BTW way to go Duke 2010 National Champs !!!)

** Don't really have much else to say about diabetes. I guess that's a good thing and a reason I don't post as much as I used to. What else is there to say? Diabetes sucks, enough said. He has highs and he has lows and he has some sugars in between. He deals with it really well and I'm very proud of him. He is taking on more and more of his care. I hardly ever check his sugar anymore, only when he asks me too. He does all of his bolusing at school, but I handle it when he's at home. He's able to read labels for carbs now. He understands so much about what affects his sugars and what doesn't. I still hope and long for a cure. All my donations continue to go to
Dr. Faustman's research. I pray every day for a cure, but have learned to live life as though there will never be one (if that makes sense).

Well, I guess that's it for now. Thank you to anyone who is still reading.