Friday, January 20, 2006

Still waiting

I faxed all of the paperwork to Animas on 1/11. I waited a full week. I didn't want to be too pushy. So, I called Animas back on 1/18 and left a message to see where we are in the whole process. While I'm waiting for Animas to call back, the endo. called to discuss sugars I had faxed over a week ago. She hadn't been told by her office staff (which consists of one person) that we had decided on the Animas and had faxed everything to them. She was pleased with our choice. She told me to call "the office girl" on 1/24 to see if she'd gotten the paperwork from Animas yet. She is really ready to go forward with the pump. Riley has started dropping during the night again. We're having to wake him up and feed him in the middle of the night to keep his sugar from going too low. I have it down to a science though. 3 peanut butter crackers hold him quite nicely until the morning. Now, being woken up and having to actually chew and eat is not fun. But, Riley takes it all in stride. He usually gets drinkable yogurt for his lows, but I've found that if I give it in the middle of the night, it doesn't last until morning. A snack of pudding before bedtime helps to get him through the night sometimes, but not always. Anyway, I kind of got off of the subject. Since Riley is dropping at night, the endo. is glad he's getting the pump so we can lower the basal rate at night. So, what's the hold up then? When we went to our pump training class the CDE said that the endo was a little slow with her paperwork. Any suggestions? I'm 3 hours away from her office so I can't just drop in and show my face. I really like the endo. and am impressed with her knowledge, but I really think her "office girl" is lacking. Well, if I find out anything about the pump anytime soon, I will let all of you know. Until then we'll continue with peanut butter crackers at 2 AM and no sleep.

By the way, Animas promptly returned my call to tell me they hadn't heard anything from the MD yet, and they really couldn't do anything until they got her paperwork.


julia said...

I know a lot of people used premium ice cream as a bed time snack when they were on MDI. Have you tried that? The combination of fat, carbs and protein seemed to help it stick around longer in the system. Or maybe half of a ham & cheese sandwich on a whole grain bread (if he'll eat that - my kid wouldn't for a long time).

Good luck lighting a fire under the "office girl".

Ellen said...

Bribery? :-)...really how about calling and asking the office gal what you can do to help get the ball rolling with the paperwork.

Re the lows at night, have you read about adding uncooked cornstarch to the snack? You may be able to hide some in the pudding. There are some recipes for using uncooked cornstarch to prevent nocurnal hypoglycemia too so google that or ask me next time you see me in CWD :-)

Penny said...

I haven't tried the ice cream yet. Maybe I will tonight. I have tried the cornstarch, but it didn't really seem to help. I tried it with milk, though. Maybe I do need to slip it in the pudding. Thanks for the suggestions.

prayergal said...

Hey Penny~
I hope things improve in the communications department with the "office girl", maybe they need more help. It amazes me how medical office workers, even doctors sometimes don't understand the stress they cause people when they are slacking. I know you want so badly to get the pump going. Keep focused on the good things, hard to see them during times like these I know. Kiss Riley for me and tell him Aunt Linda loves him. Tell the big boy I love him too. :)
Love you too!
Aunt Linda