Friday, May 04, 2007


In lew of the depressing posts I've been doing lately I decided I'd post some pictures.

My little Jedi.

My big Jedi.

Easter pictures

Holden's messed up ankle. Gross, huh?

Bobcats game!!

Holden driving away in his new car for the first time. Sigh.


Snowball dance.

I'll never turn to the dark side.

Isn't he sweet?

Asleep again.

Sorry to bore you. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Vivian said...

Penny, you have a beautiful family. Your little Jedi is so precious. Thanks for posting these, it always feels like getting pictures of nephews. lol

Sandra Miller said...


My gosh-- not boring at all!

These are wonderful photos... what handsome boys you have!

I've been so distracted lately that it was really nice coming here and seeing these...

Thanks so much for sharing.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yeah, I love the pictures too!

I hope to someday have the pleasure of meeting you and your family in person.

Holden must have twisted his ankle pretty bad - it looks awfully painful! I hope it heals up for him quickly!

Riley looks like such a cool little guy!

Penny said...

Thank you guys for your comments.


You can be Aunt Vivian to my kids anytime.


Your welcome. I know you've had a lot going on lately. I'm glad the photos gave you a distraction for a bit.


I am waiting for the big OC party. I want to meet everyone so badly. I feel like we are all family in some way.

Holden's ankle is better. The picture was taken about 1 1/2 weeks after he hurt it and it had actually gotten a little better. He is no longer in the air cast. He has been able to go back to work. He hasn't been able to start playing sports yet, but he should be able to pretty soon.

Allison said...

Riley is adorable! I love family pictures. I know it's maybe not the smartest thing to share, but I love it when you guys post pictures of your kids and families. It makes it seem so much real, like I'm actually watching your kids grow up too.

Shannon said...

I LOVED these pictures!! Pictures are never a bore.

I agree with Viv, you do have a beautiful family.

LORI said...

Especially love the last two pictures of Riley sleeping... what a cutie! :)

Carey said...

Oh, I can feel a tremor in the force. Riley is quite the Jedi.

Beautiful family.

Laura said...

Love the Pictures

Minnesota Nice said...

I wish more people would put up pictures - yours were great!!!

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. IT is good for me because i get to read an entire post without taking a break or looking in the dictionary.
Your guys are great. Your lucky to have such a awesome family.
Just as lucky to have a NBA team.

Penny said...

Thank you guys for your nice comments.

I'm glad ya'll liked the pictures.

I needed those nice comments today.

Jamie said...

I love these pictures Penny! Ouch to Holden's ankle ... and I sure smiled looking at the grin on his face as he was sitting in his new car!

Riley is sooo cute. He would get along great with my Brooke - she LOVES Star Wars - absolutely LOVES it! LOL. I love the pics of him sleeping - he's too cute!