Monday, September 04, 2006

A short update

Just wanted to stop in and say hi and update you on some going-ons.

First, the walk. So, far, I myself, have raised $565.00. I have two businesses that tell me the check is in the mail and I have about 10 people that have promised to give money before the walk. I have 3 other people helping to collect money and I don't know how much they've gotten so far. So, hopefully, there's much more coming.

Secondly, (also having to do with the walk), I have received pictures of 5 pwd. (Thank you Becky (mom to Grayson), Dave (dad to Andy), Scott, Kris (mom to Hayleigh), and Jen. ) I am still looking for more pictures if anyone is interested in sharing.

Thirdly, Riley's sugars have been great lately. I just hate that as much as I'm enjoying it I'm also bracing myself for the next run of bad sugars. They usually show up just when I get comfortable with how things are going.

And last, but not least, I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day!!

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Sandra Miller said...

Maybe there's something in the air... Joseph's sugars have been pretty great lately, too (she whispers, not wanting to jinx it :)