Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're back in business

23: Number of hours Riley went without a pump.

8: Number of shots he got in that time period.

1: Approximate hours of sleep I got last night.

100 bazillion gazillion fafillion: How much money the pump is worth to me.

We did well going without the pump for almost a whole day. Riley’s sugars were surprisingly good. I thought he would run high most of the time since he didn’t really have any basal insulin, but he didn’t. He went into the low 300s once and the upper 200s twice, but most of the time, he was right in range.

It was strange. At 12:45 this morning his sugar was in the 300s. He got an injection. I expected that after about 3 hours, he’d need another because that’s about how long his NovoLog usually lasts. But, he didn’t need another injection for 6 hours. His sugars were perfectly fine all through the night. Trust me, I know. He was checked pretty much every hour.

Overkill? Maybe, but I wasn’t sleeping anyway. The thought of him not having any background insulin had me scared. I even had 2 alarms set so I wouldn’t fall asleep and sleep through the alarm. I figured if one didn’t wake me up the other one would.

And, Riley was plenty happy to get back on the pump. He was tired of the shots and so was I.


Christine said...

I'm so glad you got your pump back up and running!

bethany said...

glad everything went ok and that you got your pump back. hopefully you can get some sleep now. :-D

Anonymous said...

Thinking about how much I dread ever having to do shots, it's a wonder how we ever got through that period of time.

Yay for the arrival of Riley's pump!!

Shannon said...

Anonymous is me.....
The comments keeps flipping on me...grrrr.

Sandra Miller said...

Nicely done, Penny.

It's so hard switching back to shots-- even for just one day (and one very long night).

Very glad Riley is back on that pump!

Carey said...

Glad to hear that Riley's pump hiatus wasn't too rough.

manny hernandez said...

You are an amazing mother! My respect to you.