Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sometimes it soars

In previous posts I've struggled with my belief that there will ever be a cure for Type 1 diabetes. I finally decided that I would hope for a cure but not really expect one.

Today I opened my email and found
this. It's an update to the Diane Faustman trials. They are moving forward ahead of schedule. She has cured mice. And, I'm hoping she can cure my son.

Most of the time my hope is very grounded, but sometimes it soars.

(To donate to my walk click on the link in my side bar. Under "designation" type in Walk of Hope. All proceeds will go to The Iacocca Foundation, the main supporter of Dr. Faustman's trials.)


Shannon said...

Yeah I read that too!! I got the email. So far so good. I have faith in them.

Sarah Russo said...

That rocks!

Bernard said...

I saw the Dr. Faustman update. And all the money from my ride in September is going directly to Mass General.

So between the two of us, we can probably pay for a researcher. Now what if that researcher was the one who cracked the problem? Wouldn't that be worth donating for?

What are you waiting for? Click on Penny's link and support her work for a cure.

Lisa said...

That is so great!!!! I can't wait to hear the results.