Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to School

It was tough sending my little man back to school this morning. His sugars did much better over the weekend. They were pretty good except for Saturday evening when he went low and then went even lower. In fact, his sugars were low enough Saturday that his total daily dose of insulin was 7.1 units. That is compared to the 9+ units it is on other days.

I didn't do anything to his basals. I decided to stick it out for a little while and see if his body adjusts to school. I really think that's the issue. Riley was pretty much on a schedule before he started school. He's on a schedule now. But, it's a different schedule. He goes to bed earlier, gets up earlier, eats breakfast, morning snack, and lunch earlier. I guess it may take a while to get things back to our kind of normal. Plus, he has that extra excitement the newness of school brings. I'm hoping he'll get settled soon and so will his sugars.

Thank you all for your comments and kind suggestions. It helps to know that others out there have been through this and survived.

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