Monday, November 19, 2007

2 Year Blogaversary

Two years ago (on my birthday, no less) I started this blog. My first post started with Riley's diagnosis story. Since then I've written 291 more posts.

I've shared
stormy times, as well as times of calm. I've shared times when I was sitting on the box and times when that box had spilled and I knew I'd have to pick everything up and stuff it back in because I had to. I've shared family moments and some personal information about me.

These last two years have been tumultuous to say the least. I had no idea two years ago that starting this blog would lead me to meet
some of the best people in the world.

Thank all of you for sharing your stories and for listening to mine.


Lea said...

Happy Birthday Penny!

Jillian said...

Happy Birhday & Blogaversary! Now I have to go check out those links to see what I missed.

Caro said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Blogaversary!

I'm so glad that you started to do this two years ago, and that you stuck at it, and I'm so glad to have come to know you through this medium. Your blog, repeatedly gives me insight in to the challenges my own parents faced in taking care of me, and helping me be who I am today, despite diabetes.

Thank you Penny. Enjoy your day!

Sandra Miller said...

Happy Birthday-- and Blogaversary!

Hope you're doing something wonderful to celebrate. :-)

Jamie said...

Happy birthday and blogaversary Penny :)

Thanks for putting into words that so many of us can't (well, me LOL - sometimes you can say things so much better than I). I've found blogging about my frustrations over my child having D has become therapeutic over the years whenever I need it :) I'm glad you started blogging and I'm glad you found the O.C.

Have a great b-day and keep on bloggin'!

meanderings said...

Happy Birthday!
Happy Blogaversary!
Thanks for sharing your stories, the good and the not so good.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Penny!

Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. I was a diabetic child myself. So it's very interesting for me to see diabetes through a parent's eyes. It's been very educational for me. Thanks so much!

Paige said...

Happy Birthday, to you and this wonderful blog!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Blogaversary! I am so glad you started blogging. You have shown me a parent's perspective so beautifully and have been supportive of me as well. Thanks!

Bernard said...


Happy blogaversary.

Bernard said...

Duh, and happy birthday also.