Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'll Get Around To It

I have been enjoying my time off.

I've spent a few days at a local beach club just lying on the beach.

Michael puts up pools and cleans a couple of pools during the summer. He's been really busy so sometimes I go to work with him just so I can spend time with him.

My house is the cleanest it's been in a while.

My pocket book has been cleaned out, twice.

My check book is balanced.

My email gets checked several times a day.

I've taken Riley to the park a couple of times.

I've beaten Guitar Hero Aerosmith and played all of the extra songs.

My laundry hamper is empty.

But, I haven't studied for my certification exam. I pick up the book to study and I think of something else I should do.

I decided that today I would straighten up a little in the morning and spend the rest of the day studying.

Instead, I've checked my email. Then, I got stuck on youtube for a while. And, now, I'm writing a post.

After writing the post I'm going to shower and then go to the grocery store. Then, I'll wash some dishes and clean the bathroom. I'll probably straighten up my room later too.

I'll get around to studying sometime. Really I will.


Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh out loud! I totally recognise myself in what you've written. Good luck with eventually getting down to it!

k2 said...

Keep enjoying your free time, but crack up your book and try studying in 20 minutes increments. Set a timer if u must and reward yourself with Guitar Hero.

meanderings said...

As I sit here laughing, I'm not getting my stuff done...

Chris said...

I think you just made quite a few people jealous! But good for you that is a nice feeling isnt it?
I have a pile of tedious orders on my desk at work but i always find ways to do the easier non work related things to do. SOrt of the same thing i guess.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Penny
You have recorded a very sad story about your son typ1. I am also type2 since last year.
I am a new blogger also trying to log my family dm story. Eight of twelve of my family have dm, one of them is me.
I hope that you dont mine if I put your blog as a link to my blog.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Penny!

Sounds absolutely heavenly!