Monday, August 03, 2009

Update on Mom

There isn't much to update. My mom is just as bad if not worse than she was when I last posted.

She was admitted to the hospital last Friday. They ran bunches and bunches of blood tests. They sent her home on Sunday and said once the blood tests came back maybe we'd know something.

By Thursday all the results were back and all of her blood tests were perfectly normal. They have tested for just about everything under the sun. They've tested for all sorts of vitamin deficiencies. They've tested for celiac and liver disesease. They've tested for increased levels of things like copper and lead. They've tested her thyroid and adrenal glands twice.

Since the only pain she's having is right-sided pain which very much resembles gallbladder pain she had an MRI of her abdomen scheduled for this past Friday. (She's already had a gallbladder ultrasound and a CT of her abdomen and pelvic.)

On Thursday the GI doctor's nurse called and said the MRI had been cancelled because insurance would not pay for it. They said she needed a Hida scan first. A Hida scan is a more specific ultrasound of the gallbladder where they inject die and watch how it goes through the gallbladder and ducts. (She had one two years ago which was normal. She was having the pain off and on back then.)

Well, I got on the phone with my mom's primary doctor and explained we needed something done NOW. They were able to schedule the scan for the next day (Friday). When we showed up for the scan we were told it was cancelled because the person who does the scans called in sick. (Welcome to the middle of nowhere.) So, she is now scheduled for the scan this morning.

She is still weak and barely eating. She is unable to stay alone anymore. She and my dad have moved into my grandmother's house for now. At first they did it to see if maybe something in her house was making her sick. But, she's not getting any better. Now, she needs to be there because she needs someone with her all the time. Did I mention I have to return to work tomorrow?

I don't know what we're going to do. Her primary doctor mentioned sending her somewhere like the Mayo Clinic or somewhere like that.

Please continue to pray that an answer will be found soon. I want my mom back.


Amy said...

Penny--So sorry! How hard to not have any answers! Is there a Mayo clinic in your neck of the woods? My father in law was treated by Mayo for a fast growing non-malignant brain tumor that was pressing on his optic nerve and would have eventually blinded him and left untreated, probably killed him. Other hospitals wouldn't touch him, but the Mayo clinic practically worked a miracle! Praying for some answers soon!

Kelly said...

I'm so sad for you, your mom and your family right now Penny. I wish "I'm sorry" could take away the emotions you are all having right now. We will keep you in our prayers. ((HUGS))

Bernard said...

Penny, I'm so sorry to hear about what your mom is going through. Prayer going your way. This kind of thing really points out how health 'insurance' is a kind of random lottery. Grr.

Sandra Miller said...

Penny, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Sending good thoughts to all of you.

Whenever you can, please let us know how she's doing.