Friday, February 08, 2008

Sickness Abounds

Now Riley is sick. He started with a little cough a couple of days ago. Then it progressed to a runny nose.

I sent him to school yesterday. He was feeling OK and he didn't have any fever. At lunchtime yesterday "Teacher" showed up on my cell phone. I assumed she was calling about his sugar.

When I answered the phone she said, "Riley is fine as far as his insulin is concerned, but he feels really bad. He's coughing and his nose is really red."

I told her I'd send my mom to pick him up. Mom called and said his temp was 99.5. That's not great but it's not horrible either. A couple of hours later she called and said his eyes were draining and getting red.

I called and made a doctor's appointment for late yesterday afternoon.

The verdict: ear and eye infection and a nasty cold. They tested him for the flu which, thankfully, he does not have. Riley had the flu shot but the doctor said that he is seeing a lot of kids now that got the flu shot and have the flu. He said it's a different strain than what the flu shot covers.

Now I'm terrified that Riley is going to get the flu. It's always been one of my biggest fears since he was diagnosed. Kids with diabetes and the flu don't mix very well.

The doctor didn't really think that he had the flu since he wasn't running much of a temperature. But, because of his diabetes, he tested him anyway. I'm glad. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Testing for the flu involoves sticking a long Q-tip way up both nostrils. It's not a pleasant experience.

The nurse was very kind and gentle, but I could see the pain on Riley's face as she jammed the giant Q-tip up his nose.

As soon as she finished she said, "It will take about 10 minutes to get the results." And then she was gone.

I turned and looked at Riley. Tears were brimming over from his eyes and spilling onto his cheeks. I gathered him up into my arms and the two of us cried together.

It's wierd. I've done a lot of crying over his diabetes. But, Riley has never seen me cry. Even in the hospital during the worst times like when they started his IV I held it together until I could be out of his sight to have my cry.

But, yesterday, I sat holding him and rocking him back and forth as he cried on my shoulder and all I could think was, "Isn't diabetes enough? Aren't the needle sticks enough? Does he have to go through this too?"

I know it was only a Q-tip. I know we are blessed that he has access to sugar machines, the pump, and insulin. I know I'm blessed to have him at all.

But, sitting there yesterday waiting for his test results I was once again reminded how unfair life is sometimes. And when that unfairness affects your child it is almost unbearable.


Araby62 said...

Poor Riley. I hope he feels better soon!

Carey said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear that. I hope Riley feels better soon. Speaking from experience, you're right, flu + diabetes is no fun. Charlie got the flu a few months after diagnosis. It was pretty awful. Didn't help that I had it and Maeve had it as well.

Shannon said...

That cold sounds nasty enough. Poor thing. I hope it all clears up soon.

Chris said...

I hate flu season. I may be the only one in the family with Diabetes but my 10 month old has an illness and I hate it because I can see that she is uncomfortable and can't sleep. She is so needy right now. Just another one of those things that you wish they could find a cure for.

Diabetes first, then the flu

Donna said...

I hope Riley feels better soon. I hate that you both had to go through that nasty flu test. Ouchy!

Lisa said...

Poor Riley! That had to have been aweful. I hope that he is feeling better soon.

I completely understand what you mean about not crying in front of Riley. I do the same thing with Isabelle. And I STILL remember them putting that IV in her arm as if it just happened 10 minutes ago.

Lynnea said...

This made me cry!! I see he is better, though!! I'm still waiting for that first dreaded illness...sigh!

I know what you mean about the crying...I'm a crier!! I can come in the middle of a movie and start crying instantly. My hubby says "Women cry, men sweat". Meaning I release tension by unfortunately my kids see me cry a lot..they just roll their eyes and say "Mom's crying again". So thankfully I don't think they associated it with them!!:-) But I still don't like crying in front of them!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a child that has Type I (like my son)or if you have Type 1, the best you can do during illness is to check and check and check. Also, use the urine strips to look for keatones. If you check a lot, you will catch any abnormal reading quickly. If you notice trace keatones, drink some water (a full glass or so). It seems to help. My son is sick right now and this is now his second illness since diagnosis. It is okay to go through it because you will learn how illness affects your child and you will know what to do next time. Gatorade has helped us through both illnesses since he has no appetite. But don't do Gatorade if you are running too high. Do water if you are over 150ish. My advice is to check a lot even in middle of night. If you normally do one night check, I suggest at least 3 during illness. Your doctor may even suggest hourly...but you wll learn how much is enough for your child.

Sissy Spacek said...
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