Friday, June 02, 2006

Dr's appointments

I finally broke down and went to the orthopedic Dr. about my wrist yesterday. It has just been getting worse and worse. It is killing me right now. He narrowed it down to one of four things: a ganglion cyst (but not likely), tendonitis (but not too likely), torn cartilage, or a torn TFCC ligament. It has been established that it's not bone or nerve related. So, I go tomorrow for an MRI of my wrist. I've never had one before. Holden had one 2 years ago due to a knee injury. We just finished paying for it about 2 months ago. Now I get to start paying on mine.

He told me to wear a brace except when I sleep (but I took it off to post...shhhh don't tell anyone). I think the brace makes it hurt worse really.

Riley went to his pediatrician today for a yearly physical. He's average height and weight and above average with his vision and hearing. He's also above average with his developmental skills. I always knew he was smart.

The office is the same one we went to the day he was diagnosed with diabetes. When I walked in the front door it kind of caught my breath. Memories from that day came flooding back. We went back and Riley was weighed and measured. Then, we went into a room. I had some forms to fill out and the nurse said she was going to take him down the hall and do his vision test. As he was walking away, I heard him say to the nurse, "I have diabetes, you know...." I couldn't hear any of the rest. I got a huge lump in my throat. Just to hear him say those words. He just said it so matter- of -factly.

It really didn't go as badly as I thought. The Dr. was interested that he has a pump. He knew it wasn't the work of the local pediatric endo., since he doesn't like the pump. He didn't ask to see his sugars. I'm glad. People that don't live with it don't understand that his sugars will be high sometimes and there's really nothing you can do about it. He did ask what his last A1C was and when I told him 8.1, I quickly added that it was in range for his age. I guess I just wanted him to know that he's doing OK.

And, he is OK, diabetes or not. That's what's really important.

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prayergal said...

Hi Penny,
Hope your wrist is getting better. Looking forward to seeing you at the family reunion on Sunday.
Aunt Linda