Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fat cat

This is Sally.

We just got her yesterday. Her owner was an older man who passed away. She didn't have anyone to take her. Someone went by to feed her every day, but she was all alone in the house. I couldn't stand the thought of that.
She is a very big girl, weighing in at 15 pounds. She's also very loving and follows Riley every step he takes.
I think she's going to have to go on a diet. The extra weight can't be good for her.
Is there such a thing as kitty weight watchers?


bingsy said...

A cat diet? hmmm. Let me know how that works out for you.

Anonymous said...

i am a huge cat lover... i have six, it was really nice of you to take sally in.

yeah she's gots to go on a diet or she'll get the diabetes. not good.

ask the vet they can recomend diet food. she won't like it but it's for the best.


Nicole P said...

She's gorgeous, Penny! So glad she found a good family.

Kitty WW... Har har.

Minnesota Nice said...

Very pretty kitty. Nice of you to give her a home.

Brittney said...

She's a great looking cat! She seems to have won over Riley already.

There is such a thing as a kitty diet, and she looks like she is in need of one. :-) At the clinic I work at we recommend Hill's Prescirption Diet M/D. They do have a W/D (weight control) diet but from what the vets I work for say the M/D is a better bet. Last I heard the M/D was recalled at the moment as a precaution, but I'm pretty sure Hill's will get it back on the shelves quickly (if they haven't already).

Whatever you feed her, I'd suggest doing controlled portions twice a day (1/4 cup twice a day) or so , instead of leaving the food bowl out all the time. That will make a big difference.

Jamie said...

Awww - she's cute! I'm a kitty lover too although we don't have one right now (yet ... still working on dh for that one).

Congrats on acquiring a new member of your family :D