Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Could Have Been Worse

As I said previously Holden's first basketball game was Friday. Everything was going fine. I've kept stats during the games for the last few years. This year I said I wasn't going to do it. Since it is Holden's last year I just wanted to be able to sit and enjoy the game. So, I was sitting and enjoying the game.

About a minute or two into the game Holden ran into a player from the opposing team. I saw him grab his left knee and fall down. I was up from my seat and headed out of the stands before he ever really hit the floor.

The AD helped him limp off the floor. By the time he got to his bench I was right beside him. I assessed the situation. His knee didn't look too bad. It was hurting him but it wasn't swelling up or anything. I got him up walking on it. I knew he didn't need to let it get stiff. He's had a lot of joint injuries over the years and I've learned that a very important thing is to use the joint even if it hurts.

He jogged up and down the halls a bit and jumped up and down and decided he was OK to play. Since it wasn't swelling I let him go back in. He sat out the whole first half but at half time he was back on the court. He wasn't limping and was able to keep up with the rest of the players.

After the game the pain started. When he woke up Saturday morning it was a little puffy. I let him call into work. He works as a bagger at a local grocery store and I thought it was probably best that he not stand in one place on a hard floor all day.

He kept ice on it over the weekend. The swelling went down. Sunday he was still in a little pain and said it felt stiff.

Yesterday I decided that since it was still bothering him I thought he should go have it checked out before going back out on the court for practice.

We went to the orthopaedist yesterday. He said that Holden had dislocated his knee cap during the game but fortunately it had popped itself back in. But, to dislocate your knee cap you have to tear some of the soft tissue around your knee.

Because of this he told Holden he could not practice or play basketball for 2 weeks. He will have to take physical therapy for two weeks and then when he is released to play again he will have to wear a knee brace.

Holden wasn't too happy. But, I told him it could be worse. He could be out the whole season.

But, I am familiar with how he feels. I broke my hand playing basketball during my senior year of high school. I was out for 4 weeks. It's no fun sitting on the sidelines and wanting to be out there helping your team but knowing there's nothing you can do.

I keep telling myself it could have been so much worse.

I'm familiar with telling myself that too.


k2 said...

Yeah, it could have been worse, but being reminded that we really are only human still sucks! Positive vibes being sent to all of you!

Sandra Miller said...

Ouch! My knee aches just reading this post... poor guy.

Penny, you are so right though-- it could have been worse (a mantra I too have used more often than I'd like. :-)

Sending good thoughts...