Thursday, May 07, 2009

They Come in Eights

I was tagged by Jill so here it goes....

Eight things I’m looking forward to….

The end of school for my kids.
My last day of work for the summer.
Having grandkids
Seeing Holden and Riley grow into adults
Summer mission trip
Being able to get a new pump (we want the remote)
A cure for Type 1 diabetes

Eight things I did yesterday…

Ate lunch
Went to the grocery store
Logged blood sugars
Made basal adjustments
Helped Riley with his homework
Cooked supper
Read a book

Eight things I wish I could do…

Cure diabetes
Quit work
Become a millionaire
Sing well
Pay for all of Holden’s college
Take Riley’s diabetes as my own
Take time for myself without feeling guilty
Keep my house clean

Eight shows I watch…

The Mentalist
Property Virgins
Flip This House
Criminal Minds
Dr. Phil
House Hunters

Eight people I want to read 8 things about…

Sandra ( A Shot in the Dark)
Carey ( Up high...Down low)
Shannon (Mom Wants A Diabetes Cure)
Chris (rub eyes when needed)
Vivian (DanielDoo)
Kelly (Chasing Numbers)
Scott (Scott's Diabetes Journal)
Joanne (Death of a Pancreas)

As far as the shows go there really aren’t any shows that I make a special effort to watch every week. The ones I listed are the ones I am most likely to stop and watch as I’m flipping through the channels.

And, for the eight people I tagged, there are a few (and you know who you are) that haven’t posted in a while. I’m trying to get them to post again.


Anonymous said...

Whatdaya know - we have the exact same "Wish I could do" list - :-D great post!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ahhh! Great list Penny!

I'll get working on mine - but you know I still owe Chris (A Consequence of Hypoglycemia) a tag post from a while ago...

Sheesh - I'm so behind! :-)