Monday, November 27, 2006

The rest of the pictures

I'm finally able to post the last of my pictures I was trying to share with you.

I said in my earlier post that there was a dinosaur in my house on October 31st, but I meant there was a dragon.

A very cute one, too!!!!

For Halloween, we went to our church for a Trunk or Treat event (kids go from car to car and people give out candy/goodies) There, Riley was able to participate in some games.

Holden even joined in the fun. He and Riley competed in a race to see which team could dress in women's clothing the quickest.

And, here he is back at home with his candy stash (and a Frankenstien Spongebob)

It's really amazing what a difference a year makes. I remember being so sad last year at Halloween. Riley was diagnosed just a few weeks earlier and a holiday that seemed to be all about candy was a little more than I could handle. Last year there was quite a few tears, but this year, not a one.

A lot of the people at church gave Riley sugar free candy or didn't give him candy at all, but a little toy. I thought it was very nice and thoughtful. (Even though sugar free candy doesn't have much less carbs than the regular stuff.) Still, it was nice of them to think of Riley

In other news....

shhhh, come closer. I don't want to say it too loudly.

Are you ready?

Riley's sugars have been absolutely awesome for a good 3-4 days now.

woo hoo!!!!!

(Lots of quiet celebrating going on here. I don't want diabetes to know I've noticed or else it will wreak havoc to make it's presence known.)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Great pics! Sounds like a wonderful time! Those two in dresses was just a hoot!

I was giggling at your "announcement" about his BG's! Hopefully they'll continue!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, Penny!

And a very quiet cheer on the awesome bgs as well... :-)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! WE love Trunk or Treat although our trunk is never the coolest :(

About that other thing ::wink:: ya know the announcement ::wink:: congrats!

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Penny what a great post all the way through. I am clapping for the announcement with gloves on so the D Monster won't hear. =)

Anonymous said...

awesome pics! The dinosaur is too cute! Also, I am not going to comment on what you didn't even mention... :)