Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 2

Day 2 at school went better than Day 1. Riley started yesterday morning with an 89 before breakfast. And, yesterday, I actually remembered to bolus him for breakfast. But, I still screwed up a little (more on that later).

His snack time sugar (2 hours after his breakfast bolus) was 247. Not great, but not 360 either. The pump suggested to give him 1.20 units. This seemed awfully high to me again, so I told Holden to give .90.

He didn't go low at recess. And, at lunch his sugar was 102.

He was so excited when he got home. He went to Spanish class yesterday. He just loved the Spanish teacher. Holden has the same teacher for Spanish too and he is one of Holden's favorite teachers. I also got to hear about how T got 2 marks beside his name because he wouldn't be quiet and listen. The same boy got in trouble the day before for running up the slide the wrong way.

All in all school went rather well yesterday. He was ready to go back this morning, so things must be going well.

When I gave him his breakfast bolus this morning ( I know, 2 days in a row. What can I say?) I noticed that something was wrong. I don't know why I didn't notice it yesterday.

Riley's carb coverage at breakfast is the highest it is all day, 1:28. But, his pump was set to start the 1:28 at 8 AM. During the middle of the night his carb coverage was 1:40. So, since he's eating breakfast earlier now the pump was showing what to give for 1:40 coverage. I changed the setting so that it's 1:28 again. Hopefully, that will help with this snack time sugar today.

I changed all of his basals Sunday night, taking into account that he's going to bed earlier and eating breakfast earlier. Now, he even has a weekday basal rate and a weekend basal rate. But, I didn't think about changing the time on his carb coverage.

And, another thing to add to my list for nomination for mom of the year, I forgot to send Riley's machine to school this morning. I know a lot of people have a machine at school and a machine at home. But, I chose to just send his machine back and forth. That way I know what his sugars are doing every day. I don't want to wait until Fridays to find out how his sugars have been all week.

Today was also a site change day. Riley tends to go low after site changes. That's why I decrease his basal 60% for 3.5 hours after a site change. It helps, but he still has a low sometimes. I even decrease the amount of his breakfast bolus too.

After I changed Riley's site this morning, he turned to me and said, "You know this means I'm probably going to go low don't you?" It still angers me that he has to know things like that.

I should be getting his snack time sugar called to me any minute now. Then, I'll see how day 3 is going sugar-wise. But, Riley-wise I know things are fine. He's enjoying school and I'm so glad that he is.

Holden just called and his snack time sugar was 261. Ugh.

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Shannon said...

I keep a machine at school full time.

The nurse and I pass a log sheet back and forth daily with the numbers she got that day and her notes on what was going on with activity and any kind of ailments he came to her with like stomach aches and also what she did to treat lows.

I just give her the morning breakfast number. If he's low, she knows to keep an eye out during morning snack. If he's high, she knows that she can rest a little easier, but has to keep in mind he may be high during lunch as well.