Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

I'm feeling a little better about Riley going to school. I'm doing well enough that I don't feel like dissolving into a puddle of tears anytime someone mentions school.

It happened yesterday. My parents have gone away on vacation. So, my babysitter is gone. Usually, in the summertime this wouldn't be a problem. But, Michael works off and on installing pools during the summer. And, the guy he works for needed him to work this week. I went back to work yesterday too, so this left us in a dilemma.

Michael called me at 9 o'clock yesterday morning. He said the guy he works for needed him ASAP. I was already at work. Holden was home. Michael decided to get Holden to watch Riley for a couple of hours until I could rearrange my schedule and pick him up.

Holden called me at 11:00 to report Riley's blood sugar (300; we're having problems lately getting that first sugar after breakfast down to an acceptable range) Anyway, Holden gave Riley insulin.

I told Holden I would come get Riley soon. He said there was no need to. "Mom, I'm going to be doing this on my own at school soon enough. You might as well let me start now."

And, that's what he did. Holden kept Riley all day. He checked sugars, counted carbs, and gave insulin like a pro.

And, now, I'm breathing a little easier. I'm not 100% OK, but I'm getting there. Holden will be at the same school as Riley. He's lived with this disease just as long as I have. He knows what to do and if he doesn't I'm just a phone call away.

Holden had to go to work too today. So, Michael took Riley to work with him this morning and I picked him up and he stayed at the office with me in the afternoon.

After I picked him up I was driving the 15 minutes back to work. He asked to see my clipboard. I use it at work to jot down notes about patients.

I handed him the board and heard him flipping through pages. Then I heard this little conversation:

"Let's see. You're here today because your son has diabetes. Is that right? So, you've brought him in for a cure?"

"Ma'am does he have Type 1 or Type 2? Excuse me. Ma'am is he Type 1 or Type 2?"

"Type 1? OK. So, all you have to do is log on and type in the password and then he'll be cured. The password is R-I-L-E-Y. Did you get that? It's R-I-L-E-Y."

"Just type that in and he'll be cured and he can eat and drink whatever he wants."

I hear that and my mama bear claws come out. I want to rip diabetes to shreds. I want to fight until I'm so exhausted I can't go on anymore. I want to see that day when my son really, really can eat whatever he wants. Not just in theory, but for real.

It's what he wants. It's my job to make it happen.

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Shannon said...

Holden made me cry because he is such an amazing young man, and Riley made me cry because he's so damned cute and I too wish it was a simple as typing R-I-L-E-Y to be cured.

Allison said...

I'd prefer if the password was N-O-W.

Nicole P said...
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Nicole P said...

Done. Again, Penny. R-I-L-E-Y spells CURE....

Penny said...


Holden is amazing. I got very lucky with him.


NOW would be great.


Thanks you. I like that: "R-I-L-E-Y spells cure." I might put that up somewhere in my office as a little reminder of why I'm fighting.

Sara said...

That story gave me the chills!

You have an amazing family!

Lisa said...

Penny, you have such a great family! I can't believe how responsible Holden is. What a great brother to have! And Riley...boy...I wish you could just type that in. Wouldn't that be wonderful. You and your guys have me in tears.

Jamie said...

Penny - you have two wonderful sons there. That is fabulous that Holden has the confidence to care for his little brother - carb counting, dosing insulin and all :) You definitely did something right with that boy! And Riley he's just too cute. I, too, wish it was as simple as typing in R-I-L-E-Y to get a cure *sigh*. You have amazing children.

Minnesota Nice said...

I also want to give Holden a big cheer. What am amazing young man.