Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Better late than never I guess. I meant to post these a little sooner, but I had misplaced my camera cord.

I hope I don't overload you. I'm mainly posting these for family, but I hope you (my extended internet family) enjoy them too.

Santa Goodies

Before Christmas at my aunt's house

It was a musical Christmas.

Candy is always a special treat.

Riley had to test out his Dr. kit on Holden.

And this is the look on Riley's face when he got


These are my boys and Granny (my grandmother).

This is not a Christmas picture, but Sallie Mae is family too.


Colleen said...

Great pictures! I thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas.

landileigh said...

i loved seeing your christmas pics of holden and riley! miss you over on d-365!


Albert said...

wow! that's some christmas! I see your family is a fan of guitar hero as well. I just picked up RockBand for my apartment over Christmas and, needless to say, it's all people end up dongi when they come over now. haha.

Donna said...

I love to see family Christmas photos & these are great! Thanks for sharing them.

Chris said...

I want a boy!

Jamie said...

Great photo's Penny :) I love the look on Riley's face when he sees the bike LOL - priceless!!