Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How Do You Feel About Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

I have never gotten political on my blog. I'd like to keep it that way.

I read Amy's blog today and was appalled at the things some people will say, both those who support ESCR and those that do not.

I was just wondering how those in the diabetes community feel about it without making it into a political/religious war.

If you would like to leave a comment that's fine, but anything that is disrespectful to someone else's religion/opinion/race/whatever will be deleted.

Take my poll.


Major Bedhead said...

I'm for ESCR. I don't know that it's the answer for a cure for type 1, but IMO, if the research isn't done, we'll never know. I think there's a lot of propaganda from both sides on this subject that really cloud the issue and get people very worked up.

And now I'll stop or I will get on my soapbox. :D

Patricia said...

i am glad to see the responses to your poll -- it shows there are 3 times as many people who will consider the possibility of cures as those who will not. if i were stung by a bee on my right hand and had to ask someone to pull out the stinger, wouldn't i be foolish not to ask for help? throughout history, there have always been both sides of the story -- that's how the world has progressed to where it is now. if we didn't stretch our minds and imagination, we would still be living in dirt floor huts, naked. where would you rather be today?

cancer said...

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