Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Memory Monday: Dec. 2 ,2005 (yes I know it's Tuesday)

I don't know what to say about this post. I was so happy that Riley's A1C was 7.9. Now, a 7.9 brings me to tears and makes me feel like a failure.

This post reminds me that perspective makes a huge difference. I can chose to see things as positive or I can chose to see things as negative. I've been choosing negative lately.

Today, I will chose the positive.


The Endo. Appointment

Well, just a quick post to tell about Riley's first endo. appointment. It went very well. I didn't know what his A1C was in the hospital. I found out today that it was 9.7. Today it was 7.9!!!!! I was so excited.

For his age, the Dr. wants it between 7.5 and 8.0. The ADA recommends 7.5-8.5. So, either way he's in range and I'm very happy. Plus, he's only had D for 2 months. Since it is a 3 month average of his sugars the endo. said that he has a month in there where we didn't know he had D, so if we checked again next month, she seems to think that it would even be lower.

Overall, a good appointment. But, I didn't get the answer I wanted about the pump. They wait at least a year before they'll even discuss, then they don't really recommend it.

On the way to eat after the appointment, Riley said "I forgot to ask about the hook thing" (that's what he calls the pump because I told him he'd be hooked to it) I told him I had asked. "What did she say?" "She said you're too young." "Well, I don't like taking shots. Can we find another Dr?"

So, I will be scouring the internet for ped. endos. that are within 2 hours from here. Wish me luck. 7.9, yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!


type1mom said...

All I can say is I know Penny. I totally hear you on the A1c and I'm totally stuck in negativity too lately. We have to remind ourselves that Diabetes care today far exceeds the expectations of many years ago. Sometimes, I think it is nearly impossible to meet those expectations because we are human. We aren't a pancreas. The care we provide our children is superior to years past.

Funny how 7.9 then was amazing, and 7.9 now we fear with guilt. Ohhhh how we live and learn. But YES! We do choose to think positive, even after all these years!

Jill said...

OMG I remember the first time we asked about the pump and how disappointed I was when we were told no. I was mad and upset that someone would tell us no for a piece of equipment that could do so much good. When I look back, Im glad they did! We really were NOT ready for the pump and I think you NEED those months to get things regulated and get your foundation built with doing injections. But here we are....8 months later...and today Kacey is pumping!! :)

No Sugar Needed said...

I saw a quote somewhere once that said "you know you're the parent of a diabetic child when your entire self worth revolves around A1C results" I can relate to your post! Chin up! I'm going with your 'think positive' attitude as well. :-D