Friday, March 13, 2009

Ode to ER

When ER first started I was in nursing school. The thing to do on Friday morning before class started was to laugh about what happened on Friends and to discuss what happened on ER.

I remember the very first episode where the audience was first introduced to Noah Wyle’s character, Dr. Carter. I loved him from the very first episode and was sad to see him leave the show.

I haven’t liked every character on the show. I was never a fan of Susan Lewis. I didn’t like Dr. Weaver from day one. I was actually happy to see her leave the show. And, you couldn’t help but dislike Dr. Romano, but sometimes I found myself liking him in spite of myself. Once he got his arm (literally) chopped off I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him. I didn’t like Archie (Dr. Morris) for a long time, but now he is one of my favorite characters currently on the show. Neela has never been one of my favorites either.

My favorite character will always be Dr. Carter. But, I also loved Dr. Greene and Doug Ross. Abby was always a favorite of mine. And, her mother was played by one of my favorite actresses, Sally Fields. Peter Benton was an awesome character. And, Jerry, the desk clerk, who couldn’t like him? I loved Dr. Pratt. Dr. Banfield is still growing on me.

I am not a big TV watcher. I have a few choice shows I watch. ER is the one show that I consistently make a point to take time to watch. I’ve been doing that for 15 years.

I particularly loved last night’s episode. Old characters have been brought back a lot this season. This started with the much loved Mark Greene. Dr. Carter just came back to the show a few episodes ago. And, last night saw the return of Dr. Benton, Carol Hathaway, and Dr. Ross.

For someone who doesn’t watch a lot of TV I guess this seems like a strange post to write. But, like I said, I’ve been watching this show for 15 years. I have come to love the show and while I know it’s time for it to end, I will be sad to see it go.


Joanne said...

I also watched last night's episode... it was good to see all the old characters back. I've always loved Carter too!

Your post about your son asking about being able to eat whatever he wants really struck a chord with me. My daughter was dx at 12 months, so she will never remember a time when she could just eat whatever she wants. Sometimes I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. When was your son diagnosed?

Penny said...

He was 3, not nearly as young as your daughter. Still, he has no memory of life prior to diabetes. The sad thing is that I barely do either.

Joanne said...

it's been 6 months for us and I can barely remember what life was like before. My prayer is that a cure will be found so soon that Elise won't ever remember having diabetes... how cool would that be?

I know it's a pretty lofty dream and I'm not holding my breath. It's just something I think about once in awhile.

Penny said...

Riley has had diabetes for 3 years and 5 months now. I still hope for a cure. I pray for one every day. I have a lot of hope in Dr. Faustman's research being done at Mass General. I've been following her research every since Riley was diagnosed. It has not disappointed me yet.

No Sugar Needed said...

Didn't catch the episode - I was a diehard ER watcher for years, until I decided it was getting weird and all the good people were leaving LOL - but I'm with you Carter rocks!