Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Has it really only been 5 months?

A comment to my post a couple of days ago made me go back and read some of my blog archives. I received a comment from Chris whose 3 1/2 year old was recently diagnosed with D. It just brought back a flood of emotions for me. I don't even know Chris, but the pain that I have in my heart for him and his family is tangible. I can empathize with what he's going through right now.

Yesterday marked 5 months of living with D in our lives. We've really come a long way. I went back and read some of the earlier posts. Several of them made me cry. They brought me right back to that moment in time. I have certainly run the gamut of emotions over the past 5 months. And I've made it through all of them with my hope still intact.

There was one post where I listed Riley's sugars and how bad they were. Now, looking at those sugars I think "What was so bad about them?" We've had much worse since then.

The pump is going much better now. Since his basal adjustment yesterday, his highest sugar has been 150. Woohoo!!! It may not last long, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Today is set change day. I'm not really looking forward to it. It will be my first time being home alone while doing it. No one here for emotional support or to calm Riley while I'm focusing on what I'm doing. Michael won't be home until late tonight. I think I might wait until Holden gets home from school, so he can distract Riley while I do it. Or maybe, I'll use the TV for that. I don't know why I'm stressing so much. When I use the Emla, Riley doesn't really seem to notice the insertion. But, the couple of times I wasn't able to use the Emla, it was painful to him. I'm afraid he's going to remember that and give me a hard time about putting it in. I'll just wait and see.

After I got done washing dishes yesterday, I looked in the drain and found none other than a test strip. Holden had been drying dishes and saw it and decided to start a test strip collection. He found a tin box and has now started collecting used test strips. (Only from Riley of course.) How weird is that? I'm ashamed to say he scoured the house, under the beds, on the nightstand, under the couch and couch cushions and found over 40 strips. I'm not a slob. Really. It's just that they get discarded in the weirdest places. They have problems actually finding their way to a trash can around my house.

Gonzaga won the WCC tournament last night. Yeah!!! Even as sleep deprived as I am, I stayed up until 11:20 last night to watch the game. It was very close the whole game, but the Zags pulled it out in the end. Riley was watching the game with me for a little bit last night. ( I had to watch it in Holden's room, because Holden and Michael were glued to the TV in the living room. 24 was on at the same time.) I showed Adam Morrison to Riley and said "He has diabetes like you." He just turned to me and asked "Well, where's his pump?" I explained that he doesn't wear a pump while he plays so it won't get broken. He said, "So, that's what I'll have to do when I play." Never crossed his mind that he couldn't play, just that he'd have to do something with his pump while he played. I asked him if he was going to play basketball in college. "Yes." Then I asked who he was going to play for. "Duke", he said with no hesitation whatsoever. I guess I've raised him right after all. :-)

Speaking of Adam Morrison, I just bid on this shirt on ebay.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Penny!

I got a nice little chuckle about the test strips. Isn't it crazy how they end up EVERYWHERE?! Even when I try to be better about getting them to the garbage, they are all over the place.

My daughter, who just turned 3, finds them and will say "Daddy, I found a medicine" and give it to me. She's afraid it's something I'll need. It's cute. I guess I've taught them not to mess with any of my D stuff if they should find it.

I will admit to giving my son a glucose tablet once. He was real crabby (you know how they get?), and I was convinced it was because he hadn't eaten for so long! It really didn't seem to help him much. :-)