Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The highs, the lows, and a little bit of hope

You know, we went so long with sugars in the 300s that I forgot what it was like for Riley to have a low. Well, that has changed over the last few days. I was thinking the Danimals that I bought (what we usually use for a low) was going to expire before I could use it all. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Riley has been going into the 50s at least once a day, sometimes more since Saturday. They happen at different times during the day, thus making it hard to pinpoint what to do with the basals. When he had a 53 at supper last night, I just decreased all of his basals for the time being. Then, I faxed the sugars to the Dr. and waited for her input.

I decreased his basals around 7:30 last night. He hadn't had any lows during the night in a good while. I had finally gotten to where I was comfortable just getting up once during the night and checking his sugar. Well, last night broke me of that for a while. Last night before bed his sugar was 220. He still got a 10g snack with no coverage. That would lead one to believe that his sugar would go up a little more. Right? I got up at 3 AM. His sugar was 56. I gave him his drinkable yogurt. 20 minutes later, we're up.... no, make that down, to 51. What in the world? So, another yogurt and and another 20 minutes, we're up to 83. Only 83 after 30 grams of carbs. Of course, a little while later the carbs (and probably a rebound) kicked in and he woke with a sugar of 304. An hour after breakfast, he's 340.(his highest sugar in a while). One hour later, he's 178. There is just no rhyme or reason to it. It's like I know there is no rhyme or reason to D, but somehow it still surprises me when diabetes pulls crap like this.

The Dr. called tonight. She was in a conference all day and hadn't been to her office to get the fax of his sugars. But, we talked about the lows and she told me to decrease the basals to 0.025 all night tonight and see how that works. She also gently reminded me that if his sugar was not at a very comfortable level at midnight, I can cut the basal in half for a few hours. Also, she said if he has 50s again in the night, to suspend his pump for about 2 hours. Why can't I think of these things myself? I've read books about pumping just so I'd know what to do, and yet I don't do what I know I should do. She said she'll look at all of his sugars when she gets into her office in the morning and then we'll probably do some more adjusting.

He hasn't had a low today yet. His sugars have been good except for that 340 this morning. I just hope he does well all night tonight. I know I won't sleep again. Those lows just scare the begesous out of me. They scare me much more than the highs do. The highs just make me mad. The lows terrify me.

On another note, look what I bought myself. Why is that so great, you may ask. Well, I never buy myself anything. Never. Not unless it is a real need. For example, my 3 year old tennis shoes are starting to get a hole in them. So, I will have to buy some more. I have guilt about buying things that I don't really need. But, I went into a local store yesterday to buy an orangeade. I was looking around and found this.

It 's a Willow Tree Angel. I have a collection of them that have been given to me throughout the years, but I had never seen this one before. (turns out, it's new) The Angel of Hope.

"Hope was created to fill our hearts with the optimistic joy of a child. It also represents DEMDACO support of an international charity called Care for Children, which works to enrich the lives of Chinese orphans by placing them in loving, supportive Chinese families in China. For every "Hope" figurine purchased in 2006, DEMDACO will donate $1.00 to Care for Children."

It made me think of Riley. So, I bought it (on sale too). I put it on my desk at work and every time I look at it, it reminds me to keep my chin up and to keep my hope for a cure alive. Ain't it cute?


Kerri. said...

My mom has a number of the Willow Tree figurines. She loves them. "They give me a sense of peace," she says often.

They're lovely.

And your comment about "Why can't I think of these things myself?" I don't think it matters how many books you've read or how educated you are about the physiology of the disease. Sometimes it just makes no sense. And that becomes insanely frustrating. Blinds your reasoning capabilities.

Stay tough. Buy yourself some sneakers. You deserve them!

bingsy said...

Just like Kerri says, it's completely natural to forget things when you are emotinally connected that you might otherwise have known to do. It's human nature. Plus stress tends to wreck havoc in that area.

Can you imagine what it must be like for someone without your knowledge, efficiency and determined personality? I can't imagine me knowing to do half the things you do as naturally as breathing.

Major Bedhead said...

Have you tried juice for lows, instead of the Danimals? I was thinking, maybe the protein in the yoghurt is delaying the bg rise. We use JuiceyJuice boxes - the 4 oz box is 15g of carbs. Usually (usually - not always) they work well to bring Olivia up quickly. If she has a stubborn low, I'll throw a yoghurt or pb crackers at it 15 minutes later.

prayergal said...

The angel is lovely. I pray everyday that Riley can be healed and that there will be a cure for juvenile diabetes soon.

Don't fret over things you feel you should have thought of, this a difficult trial and you have a heavy load on you. Don't let things frustrate you, seek your strength from the LORD. Remember your poem, "Somewhere a mother is crying....". Praise God for your blessings, you have many of them, you couldn't begin to count them all. Many people are praying for you, keep the faith.
Love you,
Aunt Linda

Penny Ratzlaff said...

I bought some of those Juicy Juice boxes just the other day. (After that nighttime low). Fortunatly, I haven't had an opportunity to use them yet.

Aunt Linda,
Yes, I am so blessed that I can't even begin to name all of my blessings. Thank you for reminding me.

Kerri and Chrissy,
Thanks for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Juice is great for the 70s. When he is going very low in the 50s, even juice is too slow. You want to immediately stop the low cycle very, very quickly. This will prevent the liver from dumping yet even more glucose into the bloodstream. Juice is fructose, slower than glucose. You need glucose or dextrose. No need for glucose tabs, you can use candy. You can use mini packs of skittles, 13 grams; Lifesaver jellybeans, 1 gram each; Lifesavers -- any candy with dextrose or glucose. Of course, if you are against giving him candy, use the glucose tabs. I see from your posts that as hard as I thought I had it, diabetes is so much harder to deal with in younger children. You are very vigilant and doing a wonderful job with him. As far as thinking you should already know what to do re temp basals, suspending the pump, etc., it's best to get the endo's specific advice at first. You can run into a lot of trouble with temp basals even knowing when you are supposed to use them. We've gone needlessly high a few times, using them.

Anonymous said...

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