Friday, March 24, 2006

No more college hoops for me

I am in mourning a bit this morning. First, I watched as Duke lost to LSU. It was almost painful to watch JJ Redick walk off the court for the last time in his college career. He was trying so hard to hold back the tears. Duke really didn't play well. LSU's size was just too much for them. But, there is always next year, but really this was supposed to be their year and they didn't even make it out of the Sweet Sixteen.

When I went to bed last night, Gonzaga was winning. If I could have watched the game, I would have stayed up. But, since I live on the East Coast and Texas and West Virginia were playing at the same time, that's the game that was on. I tried to get on the computer and watch the game, but it was blacked out in my area. I was very hopeful when I went to bed that maybe the bulldogs would win. The first thing Michael said to me this morning was, "I've got bad news. Gonzaga lost." So, I missed Adam Morrison's last game as a college player (probably). He's a junior, but is expected to go pro next year. I have read a few articles about it this morning, and Morrison seems to have taken the loss pretty hard. But, he said some nice things after the game. You can read about the loss here.

So, college basketball is over for me. I don't care who wins now. I just hope Holden's team wins their game tonight.

Now I can move on to baseball, I guess. That "there's always next year" mentality that I mentioned in the first paragraph comes from being a devoted Cubs fan. We always have to hope for next year, because, well, the Cubs are known as "the lovable losers". The Red Sox and the White Sox had their years. So, maybe this really is the Cubs year. We'll just have to wait and see.


prayergal said...

I was sure you would be in mourning today....SORRY.... ((((Big Hug))))).
Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

I was able to watch both games last night and it was heartbreaking to see Gonzaga lose in the final seconds. I thought about you while I watched. Duke and Gonzaga are my favorites too.

Jamie said...

I think I jinxed Gonzaga.

I had been reading and hearing so much about Adam Morrison I just had to watch a game - so, I did last night - my first.

So, it must be my fault :(

Penny Ratzlaff said...

Yes, Jamie. It is all your fault!!! :-) I was wondering how they could have lost right at the end. Now I know. You were watching the game and you jinxed them!!! (just kidding)

But, just in case, don't watch any Cubs games, OK?