Thursday, November 16, 2006


I realized several days ago that I had been tagged by Shannon. But, I am just now getting around to revealing 5 not very well-known things about myself.

Hmm...where to start?

#1) I am not a very social person. I am not antisocial, but I really don't like being around other people for too long. I like other people (most of the time), but really do not feel any need to bond with any of them. I am a member of a missions group at church. Occasionally, they get together and go away for the weekend, just for fun. I never go. Same thing when the girls from work get together to go shopping on the weekend. I'd rather stay home. I have no need for close friendships. While I like these people, I just do not want to be around them for hours at a time. Man, that sounds horrible, doesn't it? I'm not a bad person. Really. I'd do just about anything to help someone out. Just don't ask me to go shopping or attend a party with you. That is just not my cup of tea.

#2) I like to put molasses on rice. I don't do it all the time. But, sometimes I do. Butter, molasses and rice. Mmm,mmm,mmm.

#3) I am a car slob. My car is always messy. It is usually littered with discarded cups and papers. There are toys in there, jackets, various odds and ends. I do clean it out occasionally. And, I love it when it's clean, but it's not long before it's completely trashed again. Sometimes when I park it somewhere I wonder what people think if they look inside. They probably think that I'm a total slob and that my house is a disaster too. But, that's not the case. I just can't seem to keep my car clean.

#4) People/bands that I have seen live:

The Monkees, Gary Puckett, and Herman's Hermits (no, I wasn't born in the 50's). When I was in junior high, The Monkees TV show started airing again. My best friend and I loved them. (Hey, I was 12). They had a reunion tour that year and we went to see them. Needless to say, much screaming ensued.

Aerosmith (5 times) Once, I was 6 feet from Steven Tyler. Needless to say, much screaming ensued...even though I was 29 or 30 at the time.

Garth Brooks, I am not a fan of country music, but I went through a Garth Brooks stage in my early 20s. He really is a good entertainer.

Collective Soul, Monster Magnet, Saliva, KISS, Kid Rock, Van Sant, The Katies, Newsboys, Grits, and Kutless.

#5) When I was in 2nd grade, I slammed my finger in my mom's car door. We had just arrived home and Rusty, our dog, was trying to jump into the car. So I slammed the door shut really quickly and didn't pull my hand away fast enough. I ran up to my mom with blood dripping down my hand and showed her my nearly severed finger. When she washed it off in the sink, she realized that it was only attached by a very thin piece of skin. I went off to the Dr. and then the ER. That was back in the day before they had specialists for anything. A regular old family physician sewed my finger back on. It was the middle finger on my right hand. It still has two scars on it and my fingernail doesn't grow on that finger anymore. I have a fingernail. It just never grows. I never have to cut it. Also, the Dr. said my bone was crushed at the end of my finger, so I have no bone there anymore. (Other bones I have broken: When I was 18, I broke my left hand playing basketball in high school. My cast was not due to come off yet for a couple of weeks when I walked into the Dr's office and demanded that he remove it. We had made the states and I was not going to miss out on playing basketball in the state tournament. He removed it. I taped up my hand and played. We won the first game, but lost out in the second round. I also broke the ring finger on my right hand once. I was outside and the dog, Lizzy (who I still have) took off to run away and I tried to catch her by her collar. When I did my finger got hung in her collar and was broken. One more... I had a piece of bone cut out of my left wrist during my surgery this summer.)

There. I hope that wasn't too boring for you. I'm not going to tag anyone, because I think just about everyone has already done this. But, if you haven't and you'd like to, consider yourself tagged.


Major Bedhead said...

I'm totally anti-social, too. So on that one, I can relate. But the molasses on rice? You're on your own. :D

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great stuff Penny!

I'm kind of anti-social. I mean I like hanging with people, and I have fun - but I'm very guarded as far as who can have any time I have available.

Time is just too valuable when you have little ones at home!

My truck? Yeah, it's a wreck. That diet coke habit I have - clear evidence of it in the back seat. I have to clean it out every now and again, just so stuff doesn't fall out when I open the doors. Bad. I know.

I once broke both arms in one summer. Thankfully it wasn't at the same time. That would have been bad.