Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hodge Podge

I'm doing much better today. I'm still a little on the emotional side. You know, songs on the radio make me tear up and things like that. But, I'm not mad at this stupid disease like I was yesterday.

I think it was just everything happening all at once. With Riley recently starting school and me working on the walk and Riley's anniversary coming up, I just seem to be on edge all of the time. I can feel the tension in my back and shoulders.

I know that things will get back to our kind of normal once Riley's anniversary and the walk are over. And, I know that at some point I will feel the weight of this disease baring down on me once again.

I'm just grateful that I have you guys to listen to my rants and complaints during my whiny times. And, that I have you to share my blessings with also. ___________________________________________________________________

As I mentioned in my last post, Riley's A1C has gone up to 7.8. Riley's endo smiled when she told me because she said, "I think it's just fine, but I know you don't. So, let's see what we can do."

Riley's sugars have been running high at night for a while now. All. Night.Long.

By breakfast they are usually back down to normal. But, no matter what we did at night he ran high even with correction after correction. Because of this, I'm getting even less sleep than usual. I can't sleep as well when Riley has all that extra insulin floating around. Even though he's been running high the chance of his sugar dropping dangerously low while he's asleep is still enough to keep me up at night.

Dr. M adjusted some basals and some carb ratios. She decreased his range from 140-180 to 120-130. And, things have evened out a bit.

He went down into the 70s in the middle of the night last night (at around 4 AM). I had to give him some fruit snacks, but 30 minutes later he was still hovering in the 70s, so he got more. I guess I overdid it because he woke up with a sugar of 196 this morning.


At last count I have about 25 hopeful faces.

And, I have to add that if there is a gene that causes Type 1 diabetes it must be linked with a cuteness gene. Because the kids in Faces of Hope are some of the cutest kids I have ever seen.

It is still not too late add your child or yourself to my hopeful faces.

Riley's teacher called at snack today because Riley's sugar was 66. She was getting ready to give him some fruit gushers and when she looked in the box there weren't any.

I think she started to panic a little bit. I told her it was OK and that I thought the snack he was eating would bring it up OK. (It did.)

She called me back a few minutes later to explain what happened. She said that she was keeping a check on the fruit snacks so she could let me know when they were getting low and that he had fruit snacks in his box yesterday. (He also has juice boxes in the fridge.) She said that she brings her lunch to school for the whole week and had noticed that some of her things were missing, but she hadn't said anything.

But, when Riley's gushers went missing today she marched down to the principle's office and told him what had happened. She said that when her food started missing she didn't say anything, but when the health of a child is at stake something had to be done. He said he thought he knew who the culprit was and would take care of it.

I'm happy with the way the teacher handled it. She is very protective of Riley. And, I like it that way.

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Chrissie in Belgium said...

OH, let me give Riley's teacher a BIG hug! I LIKE hearing about such nice people - and I am glad you are feeling better today!