Friday, January 18, 2008

Funny and not so funny

I have stat counter. Sometimes the things people type in a search engine can make me laugh out loud.

Here are a few of examples of how some people have found my blog. Somehow I think my post didn't help them one bit.

amoxicillin leg hurt

9 year old has smell after playing

pediatric patient personal sepsis stories

diabetic island

mr jones counting crows song about jim jones from jonestown

his coach is a woman

how do i k

how to handle your stupid son

shaved arm pits

rileys ice cream

a idiot

pictures of a guy that has blond hair with blue eyes

my son has a terrible attitude what should i do

never ending urinating

But, then, I get some that don't make me chuckle. In fact, they make me very very sad.

help could my son be diabetic

I think my child might have diabetes

mourning stages for child with diabetes

how to know if 2 year old has diabetes

my constant struggle with type 1 diabetes

how to care for the 5 year old diabetic

has my infant got diabetes

how to tell if you have diabetes and you are a teenager

what do i do when my diabetic child collapses

I get a lot of searches along the lines of "how can I tell if my child has diabetes". These always make me shudder. I always hope that whatever hunch these parents are going on is just wrong and their child is OK and doesn't have diabetes. But I know that a lot of times those parents are right. And that makes my heart hurt.


Shannon said...

I get my share of nutty search terms, and ones that make me sad like people looking for a diabetes cure. I want to tell them I wish I had one to share with them.

I also get a lot of searches for lint lickers. (from a commercial video I posted).

Carey said...

How do I get in on this action? How do you find these search terms that go to your blog?

Penny Ratzlaff said...


I use If you go there and sign up (it's free) they will give you some html code to put on your page. This will tell you how many hits you have to your page a day and where the people are from that visit your blog. There is also a section called "Recent Keyword Activity". This will tell you how people found your blog in a search engine, such as "shaved arm pits" in my case. Or, in Shannon's case, "lint licker".

If you look at the bottom of my sidebar you'll see what I'm talking about. It's a neat little service, but I don't look at it all that often.

Penny Ratzlaff said...


You can click on the burgandy colored numbers just above "Blogger" at the bottom of my sidebar and it will take you to stat counter.

The number is the number of people who have visited my blog since I put stat counter up there.

Shannon said...

I look at mine every day.

Penny Ratzlaff said...


Oh no. Now you know I'm stalking you. :-)

Actually, I don't look much because I can't really make heads or tales of it. I can't really figure out who is visiting or anything.

I check occasionally just to see how much traffic I have.

Peony Blaze said...


I got the same entry about the 9yo smelling after playing too! HA!
And yeah, the "Can you live without a pancreas" and " alone with diabetes" entries hurt so much.
I also did a post about Jenny McCarthy, and Lance's lust for whipped can imagine what kind of search appeared! Put it this way, they woulda been very disappointed to find my blog considering what they had in mind!

Thinking of you all

Carey said...

This is the coolest thing ever! Thanks Penny.

Penny Ratzlaff said...


You're very welcome. I guess I can't stalk you anymore either;-)

Donna said...

I've checked mine occasionally & saw some really weird stuff. I'll have to post some of them someday. Thanks for sharing yours. Very interesting....