Monday, January 28, 2008

Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in

I missed a few days with my Diabetes 365 project. Then I missed a week or two. Then a month or two. So, I just gave up.

Last week I was looking back over the pictures and I realized that I missed the project. I was reminded of why I started doing it in the first place, to create awareness of this horribly stupid disease.

I asked Bernard if I could try again and he said yes. I decided I wanted to post 365 pictures in 365 days like I am supposed to. So, right now I'm trying to take more than one picture a day to catch up.

If you would like to join it's not too late. We would be glad to have you in the group.

The remnants of a low. I like the hazy look. I imagine it's what being low feels like.

There is a weekly theme you can participate in if you'd like. Last week's theme was test strips. This is about 1/2 day's worth of strips.

This is Riley's kit. His used test strips go into his meter case until I eventually dump them out.

This is a test strip I saw under Riley's bed.

This is what it looks like before a site change.

This is after...

Riley woke up with a sugar of 59.

Before I put Riley's machine in his book bag I dump out the strips from the day before on the piano. Here they are amongst the items emptied from my pockets the night before.

He looks so peaceful. No one would guess that his sugar is 373.


Jillian said...

I forgot to say it over there, but Welcome Back!

Angela Toucan said...

I've just started blogging and came across yours today. Welldone on starting again with your project. I created a care diary for our little girl (now 4) to help raise awareness and help others to support us. It's now in its 3rd edition, you can view it here:

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great pics.

I too stash my used strips in my case!

Anonymous said...

Aw, yay! You know, these are all really individual projects anyways, so whatever feels best to you, and however you can make it work, is the right thing :) Welcome back!

Donna said...

Riley is just too cute!