Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

** Riley’s sugars have been pretty good lately. He’s had a few lows, but not low-lows. I did decrease one of his basals last night because he keeps going low (but not low-low) every day between breakfast and lunch. I had already adjusted his carb coverage a little, but that didn’t seem to help. He did have a real-low yesterday in between breakfast and lunch; he was 59. It’s strange to decrease basals. It seems to go against everything. His insulin needs should increase, not decrease. I know that since it is summer and he’s more active that’s probably what it is. Still, it’s strange to me to ever decrease anything.

** Holden’s last full day of high school was yesterday. He’s going half a day today, and then he has Baccalaureate practice. Tomorrow he has one exam and then he will be done. Last night before I went to bed he said, “You know tomorrow will be the last day I take Riley to school in the morning.” There goes another “last”.

** A couple of weeks ago I purchased Wii Fit. Riley got a Wii for Christmas and ever since he got it I’ve wanted Wii Fit. But, because of the price, I held off. A couple of weeks ago I decided I was tired of being tired all the time and wanted to do something about it. I also knew it was important to do something for myself. So, I bought Wii Fit and have been using it pretty much every day since. Yesterday was my 11th day having it. I have lost a little over 2 pounds since starting it. I have cut down on what I eat and have cut out sodas completely. While I would love to lose about 15 pounds, that’s not really my ultimate goal. My goal is to feel better and to get in shape.

** Michael just called me and asked if I wanted to help him with a pool liner replacement. For about ten years now he’s been working summers helping someone who owns a pool and spa shop put in pools and things like that. He always got paid hourly wages to help him. Last year the owner decided he was too old to help anymore and turned the pool installation over to Michael. So, in addition to working for him Michael had a little side job putting up pools (above ground) and replacing liners. He not only gets referrals from the owner but from another local pool shop as well. It’s really hard work, but it’s really good money. He has someone else to help put up pools. I can’t help him with that because I’m really not physically capable of all the digging, lifting, and pulling it involves. So, he splits the money for that. But, last year I helped him with a liner replacement. It was really hard and really, really HOT, but we did it. And, that way we get to keep all the money and he doesn’t have to split it with anyone else. His extra summer job paid for our kids to go to private school last year. So, this Saturday I will spend my day in the bottom of a hot, hot pool. I will have to keep in my mind why we’re doing it so I can get through it.

** When Michael called me he said we could either do it this Saturday or next one if that was better. I reminded him that Holden graduates next Saturday so we’d have to do it this Saturday. Saying that made me realize how close it really is. My baby graduates from high school next week. He got his annual yesterday and I sat and cried for a good 30 minutes reading through the senior pages. At the beginning of the year the parents are given the opportunity to place a senior ad in the annual. You can put whatever you want on the page. We got one. We put a lot of pictures of Holden up there. There were pictures from all stages of his life. And each of us (me, my parents, Riley, and Michael) wrote a little note to Holden. I don’t care how many times I looked at the page yesterday every time I read it my eyes filled up with tears. The pictures of a young Holden and a very young-looking me where the ones that brought the tears on the most. It seems like only yesterday he was Riley’s age.

** I know I keep harping on Holden's graduation, but just bare with me for a little longer. Right now it's on my mind even more than diabetes. And, that's saying something. It's really a strange place to be. On one hand, I'm happy for him. He gets to go off to college and experience life on his own. I'm even a little excited for him. On the other hand, I want to keep him just like he is. I don't want him to graduate. I don't want him to go away. I don't want to see his high school end. I known that once you're out of high school life is never the same again. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But, change is always hard and the thought that my baby is old enough to graduate from high school just blows me away. Once he graduates it will only be a few weeks before he's off to college. It will be a new beginning for him. This line keeps playing over and over in my head: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."


Amy said...

Honestly- isn't it nice to have something to worry about OTHER than diabetes?! :D
I hope these next few weeks are full of fun memories for your family! I'm sure they'll be emotional!
Oh- cool to hear about the Wii fit. We've contemplated one for a while but haven't done it yet. Our kids got a Wii for Christmas and love it- it may be good motivation for me to exercise!

Stranger Things Net said...

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