Monday, February 26, 2007

Brought to you by the number 35

Friday night I packed. Clothes, check. Toiletries, check. Insulin, check. Infusion sets, check. Extra strips, check.

Saturday morning we headed off to the great city of Charlotte.

Before checking into the hotel, we stopped to eat. While at the restaurant, Riley proclaimed that his sugar felt low and then he began to slide down in his seat almost to the floor.

His sugar was 61 . He got fruit snacks and then lay in the booth with his head in my lap and his feet in Michael’s until he felt better.

This was one of the doosies though. His sugar did eventually come up. But, it was one of those where he felt so bad he was whiny and begging for more fruit snacks.

But, other than that little episode (and the resulting spike of 310: rebound or miscounted carbs for the mini pizza he ate, who knows?), things on the diabetes front did just fine on our little trip.

Then, it was off to the hotel where I took a much-needed nap while Riley and Holden had pillow fights and Michael watched ESPN.

Then, it was time to leave. I was so excited my stomach felt like it had butterflies fluttering around in it.

We walked out of the front door of the hotel lobby, turned left, and then left again. And, there it was: Charlotte’s Bobcat Arena.

Now, I was really getting excited. Was he already inside? What was he doing? Would he play much? Would I be able to see him check his sugar?

We got there plenty early and sat down in our seats. We took the time to pose for some photos.

I took in the layout of the place.

Then, it was time. The lights dimmed and the music started and…there he was!! It was Adam Morrison!!!

I was clapping and screaming (and so was Riley).

We had a great time. Morrison didn’t start, but he got in the game fairly early and played most of the game. He ended up scoring 13 points.

We had great seats (8 rows up from the court), but it was behind the visitors bench. I couldn’t really see him when he was on the bench, so I never saw him check his sugar. (but I’m sure he did.)

The Bobcats played the Toronto Raptors and were only losing by 1 at half time, but Okafor and Wallace were both hurt in the second half and the Raptors ended up winning by 16 points.

But, I don’t care. I got to see Adam Morrison. I got to see someone who got diabetes and said, “So what? I can still do what I want.” And then proceeded to do just that. He was diagnosed with diabetes in the 8th grade, but never gave up his dream of being in the NBA.

Most people just saw an NBA basketball star run out on the court. But, not me. I saw hope. Hope for Riley and his future. Hope that Riley really can one day do whatever he wants.


Jamie said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the game! It is very inspiring to see people like Adam do such wonderful things in their life.

Vivian said...

That is wonderful Penny, I am so glad you guys got to go and see Adam play. It appears you all had a great time. I like the fact there is hope running around out there to keep us on track.

Nicole P said...

I loved this post, Penny. It was just teaming with hope from beginning to end and it was just what I needed today. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a fun time!

It was maybe a couple weeks ago when the MN Timberwolves played Charlotte. We were up by 14 or 18 shortly after halftime, then Morrison just went nuts.

He started knocking down 3 point shots from well beyond the arch. Didn't take long and the Timberwolves chalked up another loss on their record.

Penny said...


Yes, that's the game where Morrison didn't score any points in the first half, but dropped 26 in the second half.

Paige said...

Sounds like a great trip...and this is a great post!