Saturday, March 03, 2007

Has it really been a whole year?

One year ago today we began on our pumping journey. It really doesn't seem like it's been that long, and then, in a way, it seems like we've been doing this forever.

We did our training at Wake Med in Raleigh. I remember that day. I was so nervous. I just knew that anytime Riley moved he would pull out his set. He's one of the most active 4 year olds I've ever seen. People actually comment all the time on how "busy" he is. And, in the last year, I think his set may have pulled out twice.

I remember putting his set in. It took me forever to rewind the pump and prime and all that stuff. The pump kept timing out and going back to the main screen before I could get to the next step. Now, from start to finish, it takes maybe 10 minutes, if that long.

I changed his set just this morning and barely even thought about the steps. It's just second nature now.

I really can't say enough nice things about the pump. I absolutely love it. I can't imagine what our lives would be like without it. I know there is no way we would have an A1C of 7.2 on injections. I know plenty of people do, but there's no way we could do it with Riley.

He gets such tiny doses of insulin. When he was on injections, he would often just run high because he couldn't get a small enough dose by syringe to bring him down. Early on, it was not unusual for him to get .15 unit for a correction, impossible with a syringe. So, when he needed just a little correction, he just ran high instead.

As much as I love the pump it's more work. Especially if you really want to fine tune everything. I mean you can change your insulin dosage from one hour to the next.

I've had my moments when I just wanted to throw the darn thing out the window. Especially early on. (To read about the first month of pumping go to my March 2006 archives. But, beware, it's not pretty.)

When I look at the picture at the top, I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness. While I'm so glad the technology is there and that Riley is able to benefit from it, it's also a little painful to see him attached to a machine.

But, it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I took before I got the one you see at the top. Riley wouldn't be serious.
Pump or not, my kid is still a goofball.


Chris said...

Nice post. He is still your little guy. Pump, no pump, diabetes, no diabetes. looks like he is full of life and energy. It just doesnt get any better than that.
Way to go on your one year none the less.

Vivian said...

Congrats on the one year. He just could not be any more adorable. You have your hands full don't you? lol
Since we are about to embark on this journey, I may be turning to you for help or at least to talk me down off the ledge. =)
Please give Riley a big hug for me.

Minnesota Nice said...

He is such a sweetie pie. May the next year be easier, Penny.

Bernard said...


Thanks for sharing pictures with us. I'm glad he's still energetic and goofy. That means he's free to be a kid and you're taking great care of him.

I hope that every year from now on is even better than the one just passed.

And I truly pray that before he hits the D-anniversary that I have this year (#35), there is a cure that's means no more pumps and no more injected insulin.

Pam said...

Congrats on the year. It is great to hear another parents ups and downs. There are so many. I have been battling for my seven year old son since he was four and my husband since he as sixteen. Good days and bad. Just nice to know someone other than me is doing the same job, thanks.

Jamie said...

He's such a cutie. Congrats on one year of successful pumping :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! You have made a difference in the lives of many people, simply by sharing your experiences here.

The pictures put a big grin on my face - what a neat looking little dude. I bet he's super fun to be around.

Thanks again.