Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yes, someone with diabetes does live here

So, I was doing a little cleaning today. I pulled out the couch cushions to vacuum and this is what I found.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Under the couch cushions I found: An assortment of test strips, both One Touch Ultra and Freestyle. Also, some gum, sugar free, of course. And, the pen in the background, it probably fell down there one night when I was logging sugars.

Also, the directions for the One Touch Ultra strips and the plunger for his insulin cartridge.

And, the needle off one of the insulin cartridges and an empty pack of fruit gushers, our treatment of choice for lows.

I saw it and I just had to laugh. And, I just had to share it with you.


Rachel said...

Our family room couch area looks much the same. Greg throws test strips and insulin bottles "into the garbage", which means he misses half the time.

Surprised that our cats don't have more fun with the treasures...

Bernard said...

That's funny. I wonder how much test strips we have lying around our collective houses.

Probably several tons, if my house is typical.

Minnesota Nice said...

I recently found three test strips in my bathtub drain. I always test in the kitchen - how could they magically project themselves to the bathroom?

Shannon said...

So the diabetes Goblin has been to your house littering it with odds and ends, too!

And it's amazing what you can find under the cushions of a couch, lol.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I can still remember reading blogs when my son was first diagnosed about finding test strips, packages and other diabetes related 'stuff' in weird places.
For me the following tends to collect test strips and empty packages:
1. My Car - everywhere, as far as I can tell.
2. Pockets of clothes - when a bin is not handy I put them in my pocket.
3. Bottom of the washing machine.
4. Cade's bed.
I definitely preferred it when I found coins in these places :)


Diabetic Bams said...

Hi Penny,
The tell tale signs of a diabetic! Those photos are great! I would be honored if you wanted to add my blog to your list. I know I really enjoy yours. Take care!

julia said...

Heh. That's hysterical. I find test strips everywhere. It's unreal.

LORI said...

Hahah, I'm always finding test strips and pump site caps.

Kris said...

That's too funny. We are always finding test strips all over the house.

My cousin and her family came to visit us at our new house after we had just moved here. She said as they were getting out of their car that she was sure they had the right house because there were a few stray test strips out on the driveway. LOL!

Jamie said...

LOL - we have the same thing going on at our place.

I do, however, have one in an interesting place that I can't remove. It's jammed half way under my dishwasher in the kitchen and I can't pull it out, I can't wiggle it out, I can't vacuum it out - it's stuck in there good. Every time I mop the floors or vacuum it drives me nuts - I may just have to take some scissors to the darned thing one of these days lol.

Christine said...

Yes, that looks like our house. Test strips everywhere, but the trash!LOL!