Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some More Adam

Guess who received the Eugene T. Davidson Award for Public Service (presented by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists)?

That's right, my favorite NBA player, Adam Morrison.

You can go
here to read the article. (I heard about it at Amy's blog.)

Sorry, but you know I couldn't let this go by without saying, "Yeah Adam!!!"

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Jenna said...

Oh My Goodness!! Adam Morrison is my favorite!! I have been following him since his days at Gonzaga, he is such an amazing basketball player! haha.

Anyways, Hi
Thank you for commenting me a while back, sorry i havnt had much time to respond. I hope my writing will be of intrest to you, because of your son growing up!
It will, for sure, be challenging but its not impossible to be in control!

looking forward to reading more from your blog!

And..madd props to you for being an Adam Fan--I'm also a Matt Carroll fan, seeing how he went to my school, i go to school with his sister, and i had his mother as a teacher..lol but i still gotta love AM!!