Friday, December 09, 2005

I need your help

When we go to Riley's endo appointment on Tuesday, I want a basic understanding of pumps and pump therapy. I've ordered some books on the subject, but I would like all of your input about your pumps and which pumps tend to work the best and which do not. I am getting some info. from but I want some first hand opinions too. Thank you in advance for you help.

I found the endo that we're going to see on the insulin pumpers site. I was a little nervous about it because I didn't really know anything about her. When I got home from work yesterday I had a message on the answering machine from the nurse practitioner he saw on the 2nd. She said that since they don't really do pumps on kids Riley's age she wanted to recommend some Drs. who do. Well, Mary Ann Morris was the first one she named. Now, I feel much better about my choice. Of course, if I don't get good results from her, I can always switch, but I don't want to. I'm anxious to get started on getting a pump.


Val said...

I think getting a pump is a great idea - you can fine-tune the insulin a lot more than with the pens, plus it's a lot more convenient to deal with the buttons on the pump than a needle.
However, I think the way most insurance companies work is that you are stuck with the same pump as long as it's in warrantee - usually four years. So make sure it's one you like.
I have an animas 1200 I got in Aug 04. (actually with software upgrade this spring to 1250 for a bit more $). But, before I got to really use the new on-pump food database, etc on the 1250, I joined a study which is using the minimed 515/715 pump. I've been using the minimed pump since June. In general, I prefer the user interface on the 1250, although there is one or two spots where the minimed looks better.
But, int two weeks I will be out of the "control group" of the study, and getting to use their newest pump, a 720, which has support for continuous glucose monitoring built in. You wear the pump with its infusion set and a separate sensor like the CGMS Guardian, and the sensor beams your BG readings to the pump. Of course, it's not out yet, and we have to wait and see what the insurance companies will do about it... I guess my point is, find out what you can upgrade to with whatever pump you get...
Good luck!

Christine said...

I hope your pump mission goes well. I know of so many people who have such improved control pumping. I have been looking at pumps too, and the one I really like is the Deltec Cozmore. Though the animas looks nice too. Minimed I am steering away from a little bit, because I want waterproof, and have heard of many who have had problems with them, however, I also know many people like them. So you really can't go wrong.

Penny Ratzlaff said...

Thank you for your responses. They have been very helpful. I haven't actually seen any up close, but so far I'm leaning towards the cozmo.

Sandra Miller said...

Penny, both Martha O'Connor and Shannon Lewis have children who wear the Cozmo (I believe Shannon gave you her email in a previous comment)...

I know that both women would be glad to share their experiences with you, and answer any questions you might have on that pump.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...
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Shannon said...

Hi Penny,

Brendon went on the pump in October of 2003. He was 4 months shy of turning 4, so he was very young.

He's using Cozmo and I love it. We got an upgraded, brand new pump because the first one got a little beat up. It's 100% covered through Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

We've never had a mechanical malfunction and the support team is on top of everything when we need them (we've needed them once).

I love it, but I know others who are on different pumps who love theirs too.

The way we chose was to ask his diabetes nurse educator what she recommended for his age and she said Cozmo.

bingsy said...

I hope everything went fine. The doctor sounds like a trustworthy one. What did the doctor recommend? Hugs are probably in order. Give Riley a big one from me!