Friday, December 23, 2005

Well, it's almost Christmas and I'm finally starting to get excited about it. All of the prerequisites are out of the way. (the church Christmas play, Holden's basketball games, etc.) I can just focus on Christmas, now that it's only 2 days away.

Just wanted to give you an update about how I'm doing with my vow. I didn't do too well at first. Right after I posted "The Vow" I spent another hour on line looking at pumps. Then, the next day, I spent my lunch hour coming up with a new chart for Riley's sugars. Then, I decided I really needed to chill out with diabetes for a while. While I can't forget about it, I can stop thinking about it every second of every day. So, I bought myself the newest entertainment magazines. I haven't bought one since Riley was diagnosed. I always felt like if I was going to read, it should be something about diabetes. So, I'm now up on the Nick and Jessica scandal. I also know "what the hip girl is wearing". I'm doing a lot better. It's stopped being the center of my life for a while. I've even put aside my book about pumping for now. I'm going to get through Christmas and then I'll start back with it.

We had our church Christmas play Wednesday night. It was really quite lovely. Holden was in the play. He was a Christmas present with the name of Blue Bow. The gist of the play is that all the presents thought they were the best and then at the end they decided that Jesus was the best present ever. There was one present(Green Bow) that was a regift and didn't feel good about it. Then, she decided that Jesus is a regift also, it's just when you give Him away to others, you still get to keep Him in your heart. Riley was a shepard in the manger scene. He was the cutest one up there!! (Of course, I may be a little biased). I did well. I didn't even cry. My husband and I are the youth leaders at church and they have been begging to have a lock-in. So, after the play we all stayed at church over night. Riley stayed over night with my mom for the first time since diagnosis. I was a little stressed about it, but everything went fine.

Well, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you chose to celebrate this time of year. I hope that your day overflows with hope and joy.


SolitaryDancer said...
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SolitaryDancer said...
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bingsy said...

When Michael was 2 years old, our parents took him to church. When the preacher did the children's sermon on shepherds, he talked directly to Michael. Michael was perfectly behaved - nodding his head at the right moment, but when he sat down next to my father he asked, "Grandpa, what's a sheeps?" Too cute, poor kiddo growing up in the city. We made sure we pointed out sheep to him every chance after that, and I think we took him to look at some pigs on the outskirts of the city.

Penny Ratzlaff said...

For those of you who don't know, Michael is my husband. "bingsy" is his aunt.

Shannon said...

Penny, you're so funny. When Brendon was diagnosed, I thought it was shallow and frivolous to read anything other than diabetes stuff.

Now I can't get enough of People, Us, Vanity Fair, and any other mag with a celebrity I like on the cover.

I feel like I've squeezed all of the info I can get on diabetes from websites and books, so now I'm giving myself a break and coasting along with his management and keeping tabs on Faustman.

Have a great holiday!