Thursday, February 16, 2006

It has arrived

The pump arrived at 9:50 this morning. All my reservations flew out the window as soon as the UPS truck pulled up in the yard. I started jumping up and down. I tore into the box as soon as I got it. There are several boxes of infusions sets, insulin cartridges, IV prep, and a box of IV 3000. I dug through all of those to find that very expensive piece of equipment. And, there it was in it's own box. It's blue and shiny.

Riley is thrilled. I put the battery in and let him play around with it. He kept saying things like "cool" and "neat". So, it's going over OK so far. He's had it with him ever since it arrived. Right now it is tucked into the pocket on his jeans. We are getting ready to leave for Holden's ballgame in a bit and Riley wants to take the pump with him.

After we got it, I called to arrange our training. The endo. asked for 4 days worth of sugars, so I had to go to work to fax them to her. While there, I went to the pharmacy and picked up some One Touch Ultra Smart strips (The meter came with the pump) So, far I like this meter. It is "smart" indeed. While in town, Riley asked if we could go to the park. It is a beautiful 72 degrees here today, so I said yes. We went to the park. He slid and swung and see sawed, all with the pump in his pocket. It didn't fall out. It didn't stop him from doing anything. It was if he didn't have it at all. I know it will be different when he's actually hooked to it. But it kind of helped to ease some of my fears.

While I was swinging him, he kept telling me to push him higher. I did. He said " I can see everything from up here. I feel like I'm on top of the world!" And all I could think is: " That's how I always want you to feel, baby. I hope that's how you always feel."


Shannon said...

Yay yay yay!!! You got the pump!!

This post brought tears to my eyes. Reading about him wanting to be pushed higher makes a parent realize it doesn't take much to make kids truely happy.

Sandra Miller said...

This post really got to me as well.

Riley sounds like such a sweet little guy.

And Penny, to answer the question you asked in your previous post's comments: Joseph did saline trials as a way for him to decide which pump he wanted. Once we received his pump, we were set to go "live" with insulin.

Of course, we had to wait nearly a month before receiving our training... all the time, chomping at the bit to get started!

Can't wait to hear about Riley's big day!

Carole Turner said...

Thanks for the tear up!

The pump is great. Big step, hard at first but worth it all!

Jess said...

Happy day!

Wonderful that Riley thinks it's neat - and I'm so glad you're a bit more comfortable with it.

Cathy said...

Penny, the more I read, the more proud I become of you, Michael, and your boys.